B-i-g A-S-S Article!

As you probably have figured out by now, I am trying to get you to think differently

about your business with my marketing ideas and tools (proven marketing ideas and tools).

But sometimes it takes another person to relieve me from my 'ranting duties'. It's rare that I endorse another marketing professionals article, but this one is a must read:


It perfectly reflects how you should approach your marketing...

A marketing message that is exciting and compelling is the key to r-i-c-h-e-s.

Most insurance and financial planning marketing messages are "me too", boring messages that get thrown in the trash.

By the way, this article is written for the industrial/technical industry. But all of it is easily adaptable to YOUR industry:

I sincerely hope you'll see more value in using more compelling, exciting marketing messages in your business...Marketing messages that most businesses are too ignorant to use.

Read this article today:



Brian Maroevich
The Avalanche Response Marketing System
Million Dollar Prospecting Letters
Postcard Marketing Secrets


PS: Can you think of any agents or planners you know that would be interested in this site: Insurance Leads Advisor. Send’m over!


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