No Obligation Free Insurance Leads

Here's how to get 10 free insurance leads from InsureMe, 15 free leads from NetQuote, and 20 free sales leads from

Don't let the free leads fool you into believing you are signing up for a low quality internet insurance leads company. We reviewed the sign up process, the lead quality, and uncovered new high quality free lead sources for you.

Each company provides free insurance leads, but they use an excellent filtering process to generate qualified leads.

These companies generate leads in some or all of the following categories:

We rate lead generation companies based upon the following scale:

Worst, Average, Good, Better, Excellent, or Superior. You don't want to be with a company, in our opinion, below a Better rating. Excellent and Superior are where you really want to be. InsureMe rates as follows:

Lead Quality: Superior
Support: Superior
Lead Generation: Superior

Here are three sources for leads...

Free, no obligation test drive #1: FREE Leads.

Free, no obligation test drive #2: 15 Free leads.

Free, no obligation test drive #3: 20 Free leads.

free insurance leads

" wants to help you succeed by providing you with 20 FREE LEADS. Call 888.765.8984 to jump-start your sales with the Highest Quality Leads in the industry! To find out how gathers the information in order to provide you with the best insurance leads in the industry, please visit: to learn all about it!"

TIP: The bottom line is if you want to find free life insurance leads, health insurance leads, even home, auto, or long term care leads, InsureMe is the first program to put to the test. HometowQuotes and are in a close second. Although, you should test each one yourself because we are getting feedback from agents that conflicts with our findings. Some agents found the opposite of our review. So, you just don't know for sure until you try them out.

Secondly, as I mentioned before, don't let free insurance leads from these companies fool you into believing they are low quality. They are not. But you should understand that, as an example, the free life insurance leads alone are not enough to fill your pipeline. A true test is to fill your pipeline with 20 or 30 every week so you can accurately test the effectiveness of the leads generated in your area.

If the free insurance leads you get from InsureMe or don't pan out, I suggest purchasing 10 or 20 more. Because this way you are bound to close at least one or two insurance policies to make your investment worth while (good agents are closing more than can too!), and you can really make a sound judgment as to weather they are worth your time and investment for the future...

Worst case scenario is you will probably break even on the front end. But you'll get a lifetime value of new business and referrals if you stay on top of your customers.

Agent Testimonials

"I have been working with InsureMe for over 2 1/2 years now. I can safely say that 25% of my business has come from InsureMe leads (I broker individual health insurance). Prospects are surprised at how quickly I call them after their information has been submitted; this has probably translated to my high appointment rate of the leads I receive. Comparing my investment with InsureMe to the business I have received, I have easily made my money back 20 times over (compare that to a mutual fund!). I think that every agent should use InsureMe (just as long as they are not life/health agents in the Chicago area - that's MY territory)."
---Toby - Chicago, Illinois

"InsureMe has kept my business alive. Great customer service and excellent leads make this my #1 resource for business."
---Grant - Wheat Ridge, Colorado

I have found InsureMe a reliable source of quality leads for over two years. They are quick to respond to special needs and the price per lead is very reasonable. When the occasional problem does arise the reaction and solution is immediate. I would refer their services to anyone who likes to make money and deal with an exceptional information gathering company."
---Tom - California"No Obligation FREE Leads From InsureMe

"InsureMe has been great to work with and the leads are definitely quality! It's nice to talk to clients that are expecting your phone call. This is a great way to prospect for your new business!"
---Rick - American Family Insurance, Minnesota

"We have been using InsureMe for approx. 6 months. We have averaged 3-4 leads/week and hit on about 30% of them. InsureMe is definitely a good source for qualified life insurance leads and we intend to continue to beat our competition with InsureMe's help!!"
---Richard - Mt. Penn, Pennsylvania

"I would like to thank InsureMe for having the best referral generation and prospecting insurance leads company out there. The referrals are great! All the information we need to know to give accurate quotes is right there. The referrals are delivered promptly and the customer service reps you have are the best - very friendly and very quick to take care of any problem. Please keep up the good work."
---Kevin - Illinois

The InsureMe free insurance leads program is worth your efforts to try out. Get your free insurance leads now, and start making a few sales.

But in fairness to our other recommended internet insurance lead generation companies, they have testimonials as well. Read more about one of these companies that provide excellent free insurance leads. It's the only recommended company (at this time) for final expense insurance leads.

In our related articles section below, there are articles that provide you with more details on marketing and lead generation that will grow your business (Tip: generate your own free insurance leads online and offline in addition to buying leads). These are not just 'fluff' articles with very little nuts and bolts information. Just the opposite in fact.

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Closing Thoughts: Free insurance leads are available upon purchase of a package or bundle of leads. It's possible to find a company that will give your free insurance leads without buying any leads, but you will most probably have to sign a contract and sell their insurance products with lowered commission rates. Generating leads takes time and money, so these companies have to find a way to get a return on their money. There are no free rides. But there are companies like the ones listed above the provide free life insurance leads or free health insurance leads for purchasing a package of leads, and they are better qualified than most, in our opinion.

Good luck and be sure to be on our list for tips and marketing tricks that will grow your book of business.

My Very Best To You,

Brian Maroevich
Author, Million Dollar Prospecting Letters