How To Make Insurance Marketing Produce Better Results...

There are all kinds of insurance marketing and financial advisor marketing schemes floating around the financial services industry. Some are scams, some are OK, few are reliable.

If you want to sell more insurance and financial plans, you have to get good at direct marketing; the only reliable and scientific method that produces results. This article on health insurance leads does a very good job of describing the differences in terms of direct marketing and awareness marketing.

If insurance marketing is your passion and you want to sell more insurance and/or financial plans this web site is going to be a gold mine for you. I reveal different insurance marketing and financial advisor marketing tips and ideas in each article.

So do your best to read through, print, and study each and every article over and over. Come back often. I can't guarantee this web site will be up forever.

Insurance marketing using direct marketing methods can be extremely effective. Insurance lead generation is not effective if you start and stop different marketing systems (one of the biggest mistakes insurance agents make in their marketing is giving up to soon.)

Effective insurance marketing and financial services marketing is comprised of several mini marketing systems. For example, one agency that is very successful does the following...

  • A series of letters is sent to a target market, they follow up, and then set appointments. Non responders are put on a postcard marketing system.

  • New and current clients are put into another and financial plan marketing system: Thank you's, Birthdays, anniversaries, review appointments, referral marketing, and an insurance newsletter.

  • On top of that they are doing seminars for clients, seminars for non clients, dinners, publicity, and more...

Each area of contact is thoughtfully created and tested.

Shortcuts in their marketing is not an option. Shortcuts are trouble makers and emulate a lack of effort or belief in what you are doing. Here's a perfect example of this ANTI insurance marketing and financial services marketing mind set...

We HAD an agent who we only heard from when we had a question. Once in a while we got a postcard from him. His postcard was a 3x5 card that basically said he sells life insurance and here are the rates in case we wanted to get some. It looked like he mailed from his kitchen table.

I did get a birthday card but all it said was Happy Birthday on the front (on an inject printer), and he had his contact info on the other side. No personal note, no special gift.

A makeover to this attempt at marketing might be...

  • Insurance Marketing Mini System #1:

Insurance newsletter. Any agent or financial planner that does not have a monthly newsletter with good info and fun to read info is losing tons of money. You can ask for referrals to your newsletter, advertise new services, have contests, and much more. Don't even procrastinate on this. Just do it.

There is a perfect example of a newsletter you can use in either one of these insurance marketing and financial advisor systems (the newsletter tips alone is worth several times the investment in the material.)

  • Insurance Mini System #2:

Identify A Market And Market The Heck Out Of It. Instead of marketing to businesses in general, identify a niche and gear your marketing message toward this niche. Your response rates will go up and you will make more sales. Send a sequence of prospecting letters and follow up with an appointment.

If you are going after consumers, a good niche might be seniors. Craft a sales letter system and/or a postcard system and market your seminar (you have to do seminars if you are targeting seniors). Read this article on annuity leads (and all other articles on this web site). If you can't do seminars, market your newsletter and keep after them until they say stop or become a client.

  • Insurance Mini System #3:

Craft a referral letter and mail it to your clients. Reward for referrals.

  • Insurance Marketing Mini System #4:

Thank all your clients with a nice thank you letter. Do this for each new client you pick up, each new sale you make, and do it once per year to everyone on your list. Do not market a thing. Send a special gift.

  • Mini System #5

Send a birthday card to all your customers. Include a special gift.

  • Mini System #6

Create several little 'guides' and give them to your client base. Use them as lead generators in your marketing.

  • Mini System #7

Call your best clients (or all your clients if you have time) out of the blue and see how they are doing. Don't even talk about insurance.

  • Mini System #8

Get free publicity. Yes it's very possible, and if you do it right, it can become your most valuable marketing tool. Send press releases to your local newspapers, newsletters, and radio. For example send a press release regarding your new 'guide' you created (see #6), a special event you are having, your seminar, your donation, etc. etc.

  • Mini System #9

Create a direct response web site and write content. Each page is geared around national and local (or just local to start) keywords to get higher rankings in the search engines. Use Google Adwords to get instant clicks on your content pages. Funnel these clicks into your autoresponder (opt in list) and let it do the marketing for you 24 - hours a day. Use this service, it makes everything easy for you.

  • Mini System #10

Keep your system going. Don't stop.

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