How To Craft Insurance Prospecting Letters That Generate Leads!

Do you want to write insurance prospecting letters that get people interested in learning about your products and services?

Most agents and financial planners don't make the time to create effective letters. Your time is usually tied up with underwriting, paperwork, and client follow-up.

As a result, writing insurance marketing letters is a dying art. They are crucial to your prospecting efforts. Because without a pipeline of leads you won't fill your appointment book.

A good prospecting letter (and a system) will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Your best results will come after you send a sequence of marketing letters. Send three or four insurance prospecting letters, and then follow up on the phone*.

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Brian Maroevich, Lead Generation Wiz.

Another option is to use a lead generation mechanism such as a business reply card or a fax reply sheet. The way this works is you simply insert the business reply card in with your insurance prospecting letter and request that it's filled out and sent back to you.

You can also attach it to your insurance sales letter and have it perforated. This way your prospect can easily tear it off and fax or mail it in. Or you can include a separate sheet of paper that can be faxed or mailed.

Some agents and planners are doing very well with this technique.

Regardless of your choice you should always follow up with a phone call to your list of prospects.

Since you can't call consumers anymore, you should focus on businesses (but if you want to continue marketing to consumers you need to get good at lead generation.)

You can send just one letter and follow up, but it better be a really good insurance prospecting letter (use a powerful "grabber" to be sure you get your prospects attention). But using a sequence of letters is the most effective route. See a review of my insurance letter templates.

The Sequence...

The main "engine" behind these insurance prospecting letters is to start soft, and then hit them hard. And THEN follow up.

The First Prospecting Letter...

Your first letter will be a light introduction letter. Just explain a simple service and benefit you provide, and then leave your contact info and directions to your office. A FREE audit of some sort is a very powerful technique that gets results.

The Second Prospecting Letter...

The second letter will be a bit harder hitting. Convey the benefits with a bit more strength, ask for 20 minutes of their time to go over your special audit, and offer a guarantee.
For example, "If after 20 minutes you feel you can't save at least $xxx.00, or you think it's been a complete waste of your time, Let me know. I'll write a check made out to you or your favorite charity on the spot for $50 no questions asked."

There are other ways to offer a guarantee in your insurance prospecting letters, but this is my favorite and it seems to work the best.

The Third Prospecting Letter...

The third letter will be similar to the second, but even more hard hitting (if you are doing a three letter sequence, this will be your final letter. If you are doing a four letter sequence, your fourth letter will be a final letter or "Last Chance" type of letter/offer.)

Use a powerful grabber on your insurance marketing letters, like money. Maybe a $1 bill, a $2 bill, or a million dollar bill (these work like crazy!). Even foreign currency.

Other grabber ideas are: Wooden nickels, bandaids, watches, magnifying glasses, shredded money, phony diamonds, etc. etc.

I know it may sound 'gimmicky', but test results from millions of mailing pieces over the last half century prove that without a doubt grabbers and well written headlines significantly increase response (sometimes by leaps and bounds).

After you send your final letter (the third or fourth letter), follow up on the phone* one or two days later.

You will see better results than you are used to assuming you use a decent mailing list, a favorable envelope (or package), and you write your letter with some oomph! (But 'keep it real' at the same time).

A good letter does all the hard work for you! Plus, insurance prospecting letters can be a lot of fun to create and test. And when you put them into a system you can get quality results.

Good luck with your insurance prospecting letters!

Brian Maroevich
Author, The Avalanche Response Marketing System

*Be sure you check with your telemarketing guidelines in your state. See also my article on the do not call list.

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