Here's A Few Tips On Marketing Property Casualty Insurance...

If you want to market property casualty insurance and personal lines insurance, here are a few simple but powerful strategies to generate fresh leads and clients.

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Ok, back to P&C marketing...

Whether you are trying to generate an insurance lead through direct mail, space advertising, or email, the first step to lead generation success is to get your prospects interested in your products and services. But you have to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Property casualty insurance advertising is all over the place. They all look and sound the same in their advertising: Boring, and ineffective.

So what you have to do to get your prospects interested in your property casualty insurance is to grab their attention.

Grab their attention with a headline. A headline that offers something that may be of interest to them.

"Smith Insurance Has The Lowest Rates In Town!"

Do you think this headline is of interest to anyone? The answer is absolutely not.

But if you offer a "FREE Special Report" or "FREE Special Bulletin" on ways to save on property casualty insurance, you are on your way to creating more interest.

Who's ad are your prospects for property casualty insurance going to respond to?

"Smith Insurance Has The Lowest Rates In Town!"


"Attention Business Owners: To get a special 4 page bulletin on 11 ways to save on your (type of insurance), call John Samples Insurance Services, anytime 24 hours: 1-888-888-8888."

This is a very simple ad that you can use on business cards, email signatures (just put this kind of ad on every email you send to people), and various other promotional pieces. You'll make the ad pay for itself over and over. You might even find a new profit center with this kind of ad alone.

This kind of advertising is called Direct Marketing. Direct Marketing is about the numbers. It's about placing ads using headlines and ad copy that get people to respond and measuring response. Direct Marketing is the only form of marketing that works. Any other form of advertising is "awareness marketing" or "branding". Which doesn't get results because you can't measure the results, it's enormously expensive, the cycle is very long, and it's extremely risky.

The second step in getting a property casualty insurance lead is to actually mail the report or bulletin. But mail it in a an envelope that doesn't have your insurance agency written all over it, and make it more personalized.

You may want to put a cover letter with it. But make sure it's a well written cover letter with benefits, bullet points, and compelling copy (just like your bulletin or report should be.) Consider grabbers like Million Dollar Bills, real money, coins, and other items that grab attention (either on the report itself or on the cover letter). More on grabbers in a future newsletter or article on this website.

The third step is to mail at least once or twice more and then follow up on the phone.

As a result of this kind of advertising you will generate property casualty insurance and home insurance leads and make appointments with very good quality prospects.

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