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Tips On Insurance Leads: How To Buy Qualified Leads And Make Your Insurance And Financial Planning Marketing Efforts More Effective...

You can generate insurance leads and financial planning leads on your own and save money, or you can buy them and save time. But don't let cheap lead generation companies talk you into their lead generation programs.

While you need to fill your appointment book with prospects, they may not care about a long term business relationship with you. Because if they are selling life, health, annuity, or auto insurance leads at below market value, they are not taking the time to target qualified prospects.

The bottom line is: You need quality insurance leads so you can sell insurance and financial plans.

Insurance-Leads-Advisor.com has various articles on effective insurance marketing and prospecting methods. These are proven strategies, not just theory. For example click this link for an article on insurance prospecting letters.

Instant Insurance Leads

I've spent ages hunting for the best deals on life insurance leads, health leads, annuity leads, automobile insurance, and even mortgage leads. There are lots of "cheap" lead companies out there but most of them send you weak leads at best. Here's what we consider the top 3 free insurance leads companies.

Do-It-Yourself Insurance Marketing...

If you want a "do-it-yourself" marketing course that is proven to generate tons of qualified insurance and financial planning clients, take a close look at this special program: The Avalanche Response Marketing System.

If generating new business on your own sounds like too much work right now, these companies have excellent qualified insurance leads and they are guaranteed. I put them through the wringer and they came out with flying colors (they also have annuity and 401k rollover leads too!)

If you want qualified leads or financial planning clients, be sure to read all my articles on prospecting and lead generation because each article has different ideas and tools that you can use in your marketing efforts. Ideas and tools that will help you generate insurance and financial planning leads, and dramatically boost your financial advisor marketing efforts. Articles are listed below and to the left on the navigation bar.

Also, our quality marketing course has tips and suggestions to help you get quality insurance and financial planning clients by improving your prospecting and marketing skills. You will also get reviews of various lead generation companies so you don't waste your money.

Getting Referrals

Referrals are worth their weight in gold. I've put together a nice little Mini-course on how to get referrals, and it's absolutely free!

Simply type your name and email address and we will begin your mini course on referral generation. And don't worry, we don't share your name and email address with third parties. You will only get good insurance marketing and lead generation information from us...

One last thing. My FREE Referral Secrets mini course is a quality source of referral marketing tips. Plus, I also reveal effective insurance marketing tips, tricks, and secrets. In addition, you will get to read reviews of various insurance marketing companies. Here is an example of one article that you will get when you subscribe. It's called 401k leads. There are many more articles and specific tips you will get. And if you don't like them you can unsubscribe anytime. Do it now while it's fresh on your mind.

This insurance agent and financial planner website resource with help you buy pre-qualified insurance leads from reputable companies. And more importantly, you will learn how to start your own targeted marketing systems that attract droves of clients into your agency faster than ever before.

My Very Best To You,

Brian Maroevich
Author, The Avalanche Response Marketing System.

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Here is a list of articles for you to get new ideas that you can turn into effective marketing and prospecting systems to attract new clients...

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