Insurance Marketing Tools, Tips, And Financial Advisor Resources

Here are some insurance marketing tools for your lead generation and client building tool box.

There are basically two categories of insurance and financial advisor marketing tools: offline and online marketing.

Online and offline marketing consists of many different media to use your insurance marketing tools in...

Offline Media:

  • Direct Mail
  • Coupon Books (Val Pak, Money Mailer, and local coupon books)
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Billboards
  • Mobile Billboards
  • Trade show marketing
  • Cold Calling
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Yellow Pages

There are other media to use your insurance marketing tools in but I think that covers most of the major ones.

My favorite offline lead generation method is direct mail. So my first insurance marketing tool recommendation which will introduce you to the world of direct mail is postcard marketing.

My second offline insurance marketing tool is the prospecting letter. My product called Million Dollar Prospecting Letters is very good. I created several years ago and it's just as good today as it was back then. And back then it was $59.00 (a bargain). Now it's only $7. So just get it. The other alternative is Instant Insurance Letters  (I created this as well). As you can see both are low priced insurance prospecting tools that will help you get more clients and referrals....

But don't forget about postcards. Insurance postcards are excellent alternatives if you do them right and follow a good marketing system. And frankly it's easier than writing a sales letter and getting it mailed (cheaper too)...

What Do You Want To Sell?

If you want to sell Annuities, I highly recommend this annuity marketing course. It's the best annuity sales and marketing tool you'll find, guaranteed. Actually, it's amazing what you will discover. So get it. Don't click around looking for other insurance marketing tools or annuity sales programs...just get it. You'll love me for the recommendation :-)

If you want to use letters as your insurance marketing tools of choice and you want to sell life insurance, long term care, annuities, or financial plans, here are some letters that will help you...

My second recommendation for offline marketing is the use of newspapers and the Yellow Pages. So my second recommendation insurance tools product recommendation are my special reports on how to advertise in the Yellow Pages because you can use the same marketing secrets (and they really are marketing secrets because hardly anyone knows about them) to create effective marketing inserts or display insurance advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and newsletters.

Online Insurance Marketing Tools:

Online Marketing Media:

  • Natural Search Engine Optimization: free traffic as a result of getting ranked high in the search engines.

  • Pay Per Click: Adwords, Facebook advertising. You pay for every click on your ad. You can also per per impression of the ad.

  • Video: Youtube, Metacafe, and many other video hosting services. Make a video and upload it to and get free traffic to your site.

  • Article Marketing: Write articles for article directories and local websites to get free traffic and links to your site which can boost your search engine rankings.

  • Social Media Networking : Create a facebook fan site for your business, a Myspace page, and even use twitter to get engaged more with your target market.

  • Blogs: Use a blog on your website or separate it from your website to get links back to your site, traffic, and boost your rankings.

Those are some of the major online marketing media you can use your insurance marketing tools in to generate leads.

When it comes to online insurance marketing techniques, there are dozens...hundreds of companies and programs that you could use. But unfortunately most agents and planners don't have the time to use them because in most cases it requires time to set the tools and programs up, and then you have to test them (that's why you should buy insurance leads while you are getting your marketing systems up). If you can hire a webmaster that you can trust it could be well worth your time.

But with that said, my first online insurance marketing tool recommendation is to get a lead generation website set up. Not a boring professional website that doesn't convert. I am talking about a website that gets people to give their contact information in exchange for something of value, like a report, audio, video, newsletter, or all of the above.

If you don't have time to set that up, read this page on insurance website design and get the website ecommerce building package called Solo Build It. I have several of them and they are awesome.

My insurance marketing tools recommendation for online marketing would not be complete without introducing you to online video. Online video is fast becoming THE marketing tool for internet marketers. Get a video up on your site, and use the word 'video' in your pay per click headline and you might not only see a boost in your click through rates. But if you're video is good (and not boring) then prepare for a rush of qualified leads.

If you are interested in using video to market yourself let me know. I have tools and resources to help you do it yourself, or you can hire a good buy cheap professional.

Insurance and Financial Advisor Marketing Tools and Putting It All Together...

There are many insurance marketing tools to use in your business. But the key to success is to take 'Massive Action'. Success rarely comes from mailing a few letters every week. It comes from implementing several different techniques at once.

Here is an example of using multiple media to dramatically boost your chances of massive success selling insurance and financial plans:

  • Mailing a sequence of letters to a niche target group.
  • Getting a display ad out in the trade publications for that target audience.

  • Setting up a lead generation website and implementing a pay per click program.

  • Getting to the industry trade shows for that target group.

  • Sending a press release to the target group.

  • Writing an article for the association(s) in your targeted industry.

  • And buying leads to supplement your downtime.

And here is the little known 'glue' that will boost your chances of success even further: follow up relentlessly using a combination of thank you cards, a killer newsletter, and intermingle them with offers to go to your seminar or teleseminar or webinar. Read this article for more insurance marketing tools and insurance marketing ideas.

Like I said, there are few exceptions to achieving success without taking 'massive action'. But it's possible. I'll give you two the insurance marketing tools that qualify as an exception...

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