Agents Buy Insurance Leads And Reveal Their Results!

If you want buy insurance leads the results from a recent survey of insurance agents and financial planners may interest you.

Among other questions, these insurance agents and financial planners were asked what online insurance leads company they had the most success with.

The question we posed to our subscribers when it came to their experience buying insurance leads was this: "I have had the most success with this online insurance lead company". Here are the results...

insurance lead

Our top 2 rated insurance leads companies are InsureMe and NetQuote. They are both very good. But according to the agents we surveyed, the top 2 rated companies are and NetQuote. Order leads from all four companies and let us know your be the judge.

Side Bar: I think it's important to note that the agents who were surveyed are subscribers to our free marketing course. It's not scientific. Some of the lead companies that you might buy insurance leads from have not been featured in our articles, and some have more than others. This insurance agent survey was taken in November and December of 2009. We will update the results again in 2010.

The results were interesting to say the least, and I thought you might find it helpful in choosing where you will buy insurance leads.

The survey also revealed (so far) other interesting things that insurance agents and planners are experiencing and want to improve upon.

For example, when asked how good they were at getting referrals here is what they answered:

  • Very Good -- 10.0%
  • Ok -- 55.7%
  • Not Very Good -- 28.6%
  • Horrible -- 5.7%

Clearly an overwhelming majority of these agents were OK or not very good. (If I may, here is where to get free referral marketing tips newly updated for 2010 and beyond).

If you haven't take the survey yet and you are an insurance agent of financial planner take this short survey now. You might find it helpful.

We will update the results again next year. If you want to buy insurance leads from a top rated company (based upon our reviews of insurance lead providers) or if you want to buy the best insurance leads based upon the results of this survey, please subscribe to our referral marketing course because we will be updating our survey results and will post some of the findings there. In addition you will receive our ezine with new (and old) sales tips and insurance marketing strategies that will grow your business.

When you buy insurance leads from a lead provider you are usually buying leads based upon a favorable review, referral from another agent, or you believe the insurance lead providers claims that their leads are of the highest caliber. Ones experience with an insurance lead company may be different from another agents experience. This can be due to many factors, including how good you are following up with leads, how good you are on the phone, and determining the right plan for the potential client.

Read this for quality tips on marketing and closing online insurance leads (but bookmark this page first).

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