Insurance Sales Training For The 21st Century!

Good insurance sales training is quite hard to find if you don't know what to look for in an insurance sales trainer.

There are many sales trainers who have great selling skills, but many of them are working from canned presentations that haven't changed for a long time.

Things change quickly in the insurance industry, and things change even faster in the 21st century.

A good sales trainer will adapt his or her language and presentations to fit these changes.

No longer does the old school hard sale pitch work. For a select few it might, but in general most people are turned off by this approach. And the insurance industry is well known for using these tactics.

Why invite an insurance agent into your home or office when you can simply request a quote from on the internet?

Insurance sales training should incorporate tested and proven written, audio, and video communications that increase sales. Why? A large percentage of individuals and businesses are looking to buy insurance over the internet because it's easy and they don't want to be 'sold' anything.

Your face to face insurance sales presentations can be adapted into your email and written communications, but there are significant tweaks and strategies that you need to make as you switch from face to face to written and audio or video communication.

For example, here is a good tip on our insurance sales tips page. You obviously can't use that technique in your online communications...

In theory it could me similar as you communicate online. Your prospect will get an email from you (or audio/video) and they will have time to discus your proposal or what you had to say about the insurance they are considering and then get back to you.

But they are in much more control because they can:

  • blow you off
  • keep shopping around online

increase sales

So your online insurance sales training should include how to create an insurance sales and marketing system to close online generated leads.

Most agents and planners write emails with the assumption that their online prospects are:

  • going to read their email
  • get back to them
  • buy their insurance

And when they don't hear from their prospects panic sets in and the send emails with, "Did you get this email?" Or, "I haven't heard from you. Should I assume you are not interested?" Or they call and call until the prospect calls them back and by this time they are annoyed at how aggressive or intrusive you are.

Bottom Line: Use tested and proven online marketing and insurance sales methods or test your own until you find a winner. Systematize your online insurance marketing and don't settle for a couple of emails. Read this article on how to make money selling insurance for some excellent online sales and marketing tips.

In terms of face to face insurance sales training, there are dozens of sales trainers the can help you. There is one source of quality insurance sales training that I would recommend.. They are on the cutting edge of insurance and annuity sales training and lead generation, and as good as they are at sales training, they are as good if not better in on the marketing end. .

Endless Lead Flow gets my highest recommendation. You will not be disappointed...only thrilled by the results you'll have. I guarantee it.

Check it out and then get back to me. I would love to get your feedback. Or better yet, tell me about your success with it because nothing makes my day better than a good success story (or my children giving me a cute smile).

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