Make Money Selling Insurance, A 5 Step Marketing System

Here's how to make money selling insurance...

The first thing you need to cover is not very exciting, but it's absolutely crucial to selling insurance, or any product for that matter...

You have to truly believe in what you are selling. I know, that's obvious, but in the insurance industry there are tons of agents who entered the industry because they were lured by the commissions they could make. And that's part of the reason there is such a high turnover rate.

If you want to make money selling insurance you have to have enthusiasm about your company and your product. Not just belief. There is a difference. But I digress...

OK, so you have enthusiasm and you love your insurance products. Lets move on.

Here are 5 steps that will help you make money selling insurance...

Step 1. Buy insurance leads. Buy online, real time leads and sell more insurance than your competition using steps 2-5.

Make Money Selling Insurance Step 2. Do the exact opposite of every other agent out there who is working real time leads (unless they are fabulously successful and willing to share their secrets). What do I do differently? Use a follow up series of emails video. Yes, that's right! Every agent out there is simply sending an email or calling on the phone. Instead, send a thank you email and explain to them how you are thankful for giving you a shot at providing them with affordable insurance coverage. Provide a link to a video of you saying 'Hello!' and 'Thank you!' and that you will be contacting them to see if you can help them get the insurance they want. Make the link obvious so that they can't resist watching the video.

Side Bar:You will not make money selling insurance by being boring. Be happy, but not fake happy. Show a little personality.

For example. Boring:

"Hello. My name is Samantha Boringal. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to send you a quote on your insurance. I represent the largest insurance company in the universe and it's rated quadruple A with over fifty trillion dollars in assets. My insurance company has been around for over 500 years and has over 600 billion....zzzzzzzzz.

Sorry. I fell asleep reading that. If you want to make money selling insurance with insurance letters try something like this...

Not Boring: Sell More Insurance Using Correspondence With A Little Character...

"Hi Nancy!

My name is Johnny Enthuso. Thank you so much for allowing me to quote you on your (name of) insurance. I am really good at finding you the best coverage for the least amount of money...let me show you. Watch this video now (it's only 2 minutes):Video Link

OK? Did you watch it? Great. I'll call you in a few minutes (hours days) and fine tune the plan you want.

Do you want to talk now? Call me at 555-555-5555 anytime.

Thanks again! I'll talk with you soon,Johnny"

That is an bare bones example of an email that will help you make money selling insurance...

The emails you send will address different issues because it depends on what kind of leads you are getting. But this is a pretty good example of turning boring emails into ones with a little character...what people want!

Combine your follow up with professionalism and a little bit of personality (Don't let the insurance industry turn you into a boring dude, ok?), and you'll sell more insurance and financial plans.

Step 3. Send a printed thank you card to every single lead whether they are interested or not. Keep them on your mailing list. Most agents are looking for one sale on the front end and if they don't get it after a couple of emails or phone calls, they forget about them and complain to the lead generation company. Sure, if it's a dead lead then the insurance lead generation company will (or should credit you). But everyone should be on a list they you market to every single month...using direct mail AND email (and video).

Step 4. Send a follow up email and video after your initial contact in between the time you mail your thank you card. Be sure to make your email stand NOT BEING BORING.

Step 5. If they do not respond keep them on a follow up system of emails and video.

Side Bar: Consistent follow up is the key to making money selling insurance (most agents give up after 2 or 3 contacts. Studies show that a minimum of 7 follow ups and upwards of 17 are needed. I have a system that follows up 56 times and get sales from the tale end of the sequence).

Your video follow ups should contain helpful information on the advantages of various types of coverage OR things to avoid when getting insurance coverage. For example, a good series of videos could be...

  • Video 1: '5 costly home owners insurance mistakes agents make and how to avoid them.'
  • Video 2: 'Do you want to rent or own your insurance'?
  • Video 3: 'Not all insurance agents are the same'
Etc. Etc.

Keep following up with emails and video until they tell you to stop or become a client. Don't send a bunch of boring junk. Junk is where you keep offering something. Send helpful information related and unrelated to insurance and financial planning in your sequence.

The main idea that will sell more insurance for you is to stand out and provide a little more effort and education for your prospects. You'll win the over more often than not.

Make Money Selling Insurance Video Ideas...

Agents who make money selling insurance, and I mean big money, are the top producers because they believe in their products and they are really good at selling, and sometimes they are even good at insurance marketing.

But when you become good at marketing (like the insurance marketing system example above), you don't have to be a master closer. You just have to be pretty good...even just an order taker...because if your system is on autopilot you'll get people actually calling you to give you their business.

You might think that an insurance agent that does well is good at marketing, but you would be wrong most of the time. Usually, they are successful because they either had a good network to draw from and make money selling insurance because they are good at selling. Period.

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