Insurance Lead Generation Made Easier!

Insurance lead generation is a broad subject, but here I will try to break it down to the most effective and dynamic was to generation leads for insurance and financial advisors.

Clearly, the biggest trend right now is internet marketing for the financial services industry.

Millions are flocking to the internet, including Boomers, and you have to have a presence if you want to stay on top of the game. But not just a website. A website that is found by your prospects.

Side Bar: People aren't just 'getting on the internet'. They are getting involved in the social networking aspects of it more than ever. For example, Facebook is seeing a huge surge in people age 50+ signing up. Get a Facebook page, and while you're at it start Twittering!

The number one insurance lead generation strategy should be to focus on online marketing of your insurance and financial planning products and services.

You might be tempted to jump on the next biggest wave as well. Mobile marketing. Even more people are getting Blackberries and iPhones, and you should keep this in mind. But don't focus your energy on it right now (unless you are focusing on a younger demographic). If you have some extra money to invest, then test mobile insurance lead generation strategies.

This online report on text message marketing is a good start.

What other insurance lead generation opportunities are available? The next area you should be actively involved in is offline. There are all kinds of tests you can begin. For example, coupon books, newspapers, billboards, grocery store receipts, and direct mail (sending a sales letter or postcard sequence to a rented list).

In my opinion, you should be focusing your time on creating a website that gets traffic, and generates insurance leads. Your website should include a simple or advanced follow up system so that your leads are actively being 'worked' 24/7 (an autoresponder). And it should be linked with your Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter pages as well. A blog attached to your site is highly recommended as well. Google loves Blogs.

Also, you should have an offline marketing system that piggy backs your online efforts. One where you test various media for insurance lead generation, and another that supplements your online marketing efforts.

Let me break it down for you...

  • Lets say you decide to test a health insurance lead generation piece in Val Pak or Money Mailer. That would be one stand alone offline (direct mail) test.

  • Your second offline campaign will be to send a sequence of letters or postcards to your online list. For example, lets say you generate a lead on your website. You got their contact information (email, mailing address, and phone number*). After they get their 'thank you email', your system automatically sends a postcard or letter.

  • Create a follow up system that contacts each lead at least two or three times a month until they become a client, or ask to be off your list. Otherwise keep it going.

Lets discuss a lead generation website. Most insurance websites are very bland, and therefore are not maximizing their conversions (how many people opt in to your list).

Your website should not have tons of graphics, be very simple, and it easy to look at. To generate a lead, you should have a 'form' that a prospect can fill out to get something that you are giving away in exchange for their contact information.

This free 'widget' can be anything from a special report, video, audio, mini course, or possibly sample case studies (although this may not have high perceived value). You can also include a 'tips' newsletter as well.

Side Bar: The more information you request from your prospect (more than an email address and name), the more 'stuff' you should give away.

See the example insurance lead generation websites here to get a good idea as to how your website might look. Compare your site, or use the templates that are there.

Insurance lead generation is not as complicated as one might imagine. But it does take work. The wonderful thing about doing it yourself or having a hand in it is that once you create an effective (particularly online), you can keep it going (testing variables along the way).

Don't have time to do insurance lead generation? Outsource it. Hire someone to create an effective lead generation website. Hire someone to create and test offline sources as well.

You can use for local hiring. And you can use Vworker or Elance for website creation, sales letters, content, graphics, video, and more.

I use them almost on a daily basis. I prefer Vworker.

I hope this helped you get more involved in insurance lead generation. Let me know!

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