The Ultimate Insurance Lead Program?

What is the ultimate insurance lead program?

In my opinion the ultimate program would be one that delivers hot, qualified insurance leads systematically and it can be turned off and on at will.

The easy solution would be to buy real time insurance leads from a quality insurance lead provider. And there are several good companies out there. But you do have to invest in the leads. If you don't have one or two hundred dollars to drop turn to other alternatives.

The alternative is to begin your own online and offline insurance lead program. This requires time and effort, but the payoff can be huge...

Here are some hot insurance lead program tips if you want to 'do it yourself':

If you are selling life insurance you may be better served to find an angle that opens up doors without using life insurance as the door opener. Nobody wants to talk with a stranger about life insurance. But if you offer a back door service that allows the discussion to naturally begin on the first, second, or third appointment you are on to a quality insurance lead program.

For example, years ago I got involved with Pre Paid Legal because they offer a comprehensive Will as a free service. It's worth the fee alone. I realized that the Will questionnaire had many questions that instantly open up the door to all kinds of sales opportunities for agents and planners.

It's been reported that at least 70% of an cross section of the economy doesn't have a living will. That means that 7 out of 10 people you talk to are prospects.

But you don't have to use Pre Paid Legal. You can help people create a Living Will for free as a free service and insurance lead program. So now you look like someone who isn't selling insurance, but one who is providing a valuable service that people need and many want.

Offering a free Living Will is a good insurance lead program that you can start right away. Just get the materials that are required to set up a living will for a client in your state, do a test run on yourself and your family members, and then get cracking on the marketing end.

My favorite insurance lead program is another 'back door strategy': Provide college financial aid advice and planning advice. You can charge a fee and you might want to do that. But I believe that providing a community service for free, at least to get things up and running for a year or three, is a powerful way to build your personal and professional brand. Because when you do good things for people for free it comes back to you in big ways. But that's me...

College planning should be a very rewarding insurance lead program (or market) for you. You can get new parent lists and parents of college bound children to market to. I am confident the response rates will be exceptional, and the return on investment will be more than you bargained for (in a good way). I guarantee the marketing opportunities in your community are ripe.

Anyway, once you offer free college financial aid and/or planning services you have instantly opened up the conversation for life insurance, financial planning, etc.: what will they do about college expenses, mortgage, income etc. if one or both passes away? both. If you offer college planning, introduce the free Living Will, and now you have clobbered them with goodwill, and you'll be rewarded for your assistance.

Try it. College planning and living will assistance are both untapped market and it can become a cash cow for you.

The fastest way to start marketing either of these insurance lead programs is to...

A) send out a press release. Free publicity is the best marketing you can get, and offering one of these services would be a good candidate for free press.

B) send a marketing letter to your client base. Get referrals.

C) if you aren't' swarmed with living will leads or college planning leads from A or B, get a list of new parents and/or college bound children. Send a postcard offering a lead generator like a free guide or simply ask them to call you for more information. I don't recommend getting a list for the living will lead generation unless you are very good at list research. Begin a display adverting and/or insert program in your paper.

D) send a direct mail piece or cold call churches and other organizations so that you can do a mini seminar on living wills or college planning.

E) Get a website lead generation program started for both of these areas (or the one you choose). Use Pay Per click to get instant traffic. Make sure you set it up to get targeted traffic from your geographic area and not national.

That should keep you very busy.

Get started with your own insurance lead program and use one, both, or another back door alternative today.

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