Instant Advice: Insurance Marketing Video Tips

I am testing a new insurance marketing video tips guide, and hope you find it useful. If you find it helpful please let us know and I will put together several more, and product a complete video course. Or, I'll create them on demand.

I am not Steven Spielberg, so if you are looking for killer graphics, acting, and perfect dialogue, change the channel. But if you are looking for solid information, I know you will find it helpful. Especially the future videos (assuming you like the idea here)

This first video tip covers a few general, but important advertising mistakes, so if you are an advanced marketer, you may not get a WOW experience.

Insurance Marketing Video Tip #1:

I plan on creating more video tips, but not unless I get a lot of interest, so let us know!

If you are up for a funny insurance video, here is one of my all time favorites!