7 Insurance Marketing Tips!

These insurance marketing tips are going to increase your prospecting efforts and generate more insurance leads so you can relax and close more deals.

If there is one thing most agents are good at, it's selling, because THE most common thing I hear is, "If I could just get in front of more people I would be able to sell more!"

Well, this can be done. You just have to roll up your sleeves and get busy with some of these unique, and not so unique, insurance marketing tips and ideas:

Insurance Promotional Item

#1: Youtube: Yes, video. This is one of my better insurance marketing tips so listen up.

How do you use it? Simple...

  • Get a list of 20 or 30 people you really want to get in front of and find their email address online. This is easier to do with business owners and employees because you can go to their website and get it. You can also can use Linkdin.
  • Send them a well written letter (a 'grabber letter') along with a promotional item (or in one). See the trash can to the right? That is a mini trash can with a crumpled up letter in it. It's sent in a 5"x5" box and you can get them from LumpyMail.com. It really grabs attention! In your letter describe who you are and how you can help this person and their business. Also, tell them that you will be sending an email in a few days.
  • Send them an email with a link (and screen shot) to the video. This video is going to be you talking directly to your prospect. Simply refer to the letter you sent, and make it a memorable presentation. Don't be boring. At the end ask them to call you or email you.
  • Send another 'grabber letter' that really stands out and has a promotional item or two included to make sure they read your letter.
  • Send another video to each person who did not respond.
  • Follow up 3 months later to all non responders.

Have fun with these insurance marketing tips in particular and use it on high value 'targets'. Your potential clients will love you for it. Some might get annoyed but so what. If you are not annoying a few people you are not doing a good job of marketing.

More Insurance Marketing Tips! Part 2...

#2: Choose a niche. Find a niche and create a marketing plan to generate insurance leads in that niche. For example, you could choose Nurses. You can narrow it down to RN's. Or, target Seniors but narrow it down even further. Maybe target seniors who own their homes, are single, or enjoy gardening. Yes, gardening. The more you related to your prospects (who don't know you) in your marketing the better your response rates...

If you want to target businesses narrow it down to a specific industry or type of business. Don't just target businesses with a certain number of employees. For example you can target: sub contractors, salon owners, spa owners, jewelry store owners, health club owners, fast casual restaurant owners, cafe owners, personal trainers, etc. etc. There are all kinds of ways to target different niches that interest you.

Use a combination of media to penetrate your target market. Find out what your target market reads and watches on a daily basis. Test advertising in these media.

Insurance Marketing Tips Part 3:

#3: Focus more of your insurance marketing and insurance lead generation efforts on the Internet and Mobile Phone Insurance Marketing.

This is one of my most important insurance marketing tips to date: Mobile phones are fast becoming the way people or finding information and local businesses. If you are not marketing yourself online and on mobile phones you are missing out on a lot of potential clients, and you'll soon be rolled over by your competition. Mobile search is growing exponentially!

#4: This is one of my grass roots insurance marketing tips, but it works like crazy! Start sending thank you cards or letters to every prospect and client you meet with. Write a note that touches upon something you discussed. This will increase the 'wow' factor and builds trust and 'likeability'. Do not use email or Text messaging. Send a hand written thank you card. With the massive use of email and text messaging you have an opportunity to break through that clutter with this simple grass roots technique.

Insurance Marketing Tips Part 4:

#5: Block out time for client follow up. Choose a two hour block where all you do is follow up with your best clients and see how they are doing. Do nothing but chat. Ask about the family, etc. This will help you build more trust and a bond with your clients. And it's also a great thing to do when you are stressing out wondering how you are going to get more business in the door.

#6: This isn't necessarily an insurance marketing tip, but I think it deserves your attention: Buy insurance leads online to help fill up your appointment book and grow your business. Buying leads is controversial in some ways because some agents swear by them and others feel like they are getting ripped off.

In our opinion those that feel like they have been ripped off are simply not very good on the phone, with email follow up, and figure if the lead doesn't buy right away it's a waste. You have to plan your 'attack' and be focused. If you sell 2 out of ten leads you are doing well. That's 2 new clients you can get more business and referral from down the road.

Get your phone skills up to par, follow up with email. And follow up consistently until they buy or ask you to stop following up. Buy leads from a reputable insurance leads company.

Insurance Marketing Tips Part 5:

#7: Use a newsletter. You may think that is not one of my best insurance marketing tips but it is actually one of my best. Nobody is using a print newsletter. But it really works! But don't send a boring industry newsletter, send a quality newsletter that is fun, entertaining, and has good information so that it gets passed around and has a long shelf life. Plus, if you use my ideas you'll get referrals with one simple insert! Read this for more insurance marketing tips using newsletters.

Systematize your insurance marketing and lead generation. Plan out your marketing strategy and keep it going. Don't fumble around and send a letter one week, and then forget about sending another letter or getting your website up and generating leads. Get all of your offline and online marketing systematized.

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