Mobile Insurance Marketing: A New And Potentially Lucrative Insurance Lead Generation and Marketing Technique!

Mobile insurance marketing is something that most agents and agencies are not participating in. But it's an important area to understand and test because mobile phone web browsing is growing exponentially.

In 2010 30% of people used their phone for product research compared to just 11% in 2009. That is quite a large jump and it's going to be much higher in the years to come.

So if you are not actively testing local mobile insurance marketing techniques, and if you are not using a mobile phone website or text messaging, you are going to become a dinosaur really quick.

With that said, one mobile insurance marketing course that gets your feet wet in the arena of mobile phone marketing is Jason Hornugs course.

I recently emailed my subscribers and the reaction to it is was exceptional. No other marketing or lead generation tool has gotten so much attention. And for good reason. It's new, it works, and it's really easy.

I received many questions on the mobile insurance marketing guide, and specifically on this case study:

"I have my first campaign running. It took about 5 hours to get the first ad approved. I used anad I created myself. 

I set this initial campaign up on my cell phone so I can personally take the calls and track it. So far in just a few hours I have:

4315 impressions 

30 Clicks  

.70% ctr (click through rate)

My avg cost is .17 cents for decent calls, not the $7 for crappy internet leads so I am pleased with the 2 calls I have received!"

Steve Roderick.

Here Are The Answers To The Most Common Questions I Received On The Mobile Phone Insurance Marketing Guide. I Hope It Helps:

Question: Does it work in other countries.

Answer: Yes. It works in mostcountries.
Are we only charged per calls we receive?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How many calls can I expect to receiveper day?

Answer: Depends on your area. It's best if you live in or near a major metropolitan area. See videos in the product. There is an iron clad guarantee if you don't like what you see.

Question: Please explain what 4315 impressions, 30 Clicks and .70% ctr means.

Answer: An impression is a single instance of an online advertisement being displayed. In this mobile insurance marketing case study it was 4315 times.

Question: Are the 15 pre-doneads for life or auto insurance?

Answer: They are for auto insurance leads but there will be some for life insurance very soon.

Question: Is it just for auto insurance lead generation?

Answer: In tests auto insurance worked best but it can work for life insurance as well. You have to test it yourself in your area. 

Question: Am I supposed find the cell phone numbers in my city or do you and is this an additional cost?

Answer: You can direct the incoming calls to any phone number you wish. 

Here is the system.

Talk soon,

PS: This system is not mine. It's a guide to mobile insurance marketing created by Jason Hornug and I like it because it's simple and it's another tool you need to implement in your marketing.

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