Insurance Letter Templates: A Review Of! has 103 insurance letter templates that covers a large range of insurance marketing and prospecting opportunities.

It's considered a software program, but it's not sophisticated. It's very simple. All you do is download it, open it, and then select the letter you want and it instantly opens it in Microsoft Word for you to edit or use as it is.

Here is a screen shot of the interface...

insurance letter example

As you can see in the screen shot above, the insurance letter template was selected form the list of letters on the left hand side. The letter can be viewed on the right side. After the letter is selected, you click one button and it is automatically opened in your word processor.

insurance letters

Here is a list of the insurance letter templates in

  • 7 Introduction Letters

  • 4 General Prospecting Letters
  • 6 Auto Insurance Prospecting Letters
  • 6 Homeowner Insurance Prospecting Lettes
  • 5 Life Insurance Prospecting Letters
  • 6 Health Insurance Prospecting Letters

  • 9 Referral Letters
  • 9 Appointment Letters

  • 8 Thank You Letters
  • 7 Relationship Building Letters
  • 6 Policy Service Letters
  • 10 Sentiment Letters
  • 20 Holiday Letters

Are These Insurance Letter Templates Any Good?

The answer is 'Yes' and 'No'. The prospecting letters are not very good. Average at best. However you can edit them and make them better.

But many of the letters are very useful in marketing to your current clients, and interested prospects. For example, the thank you letters, relationship building letters, policy review letters, sentiment letters, and Holiday letters are pretty good. You can use them in a marketing system to build a better client relationship and earn more business.

Did you know that every month you don't contact your current clients you lose 10% of your influence with them? These letters will boost your influence and therefore boost your referrals and up-sells.

You can even use the letters in place or as part of your newsletter.

The whole idea here is to send something to your clients every month (at least) so you keep yourself in front of them and remind them of the products and services you offer. These insurance letter templates will help you achieve this without any writing!

Don't miss out on an opportunity to generate a new referral or sell more insurance and use these letters in your marketing to your current clients and prospects. For $29.95 it's a no brainer. You would bay at least 10 times that amount to hire a cheap writer on the internet to write one or two letters. You get 103 (of which about 70-80 are very useful).

Here is a sample of the life insurance prospecting letter:

life insurance prospecting letter

Here is a sample of a policy review letter:

Here is a sample of an inquiry letter:

As I mentioned above, the insurance sales letter templates are not great, but the rest of the letters are very useful. Certainly, they could be improved as well. But they are better than not doing anything at all, and you'll definitely improve your business if you use them thoughtfully. And for the small price they are asking I highly recommend them for any insurance agent or financial planner.

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