Get More Life Insurance Leads. An Agents Guide...

How to get life insurance leads using direct mail, display ads, or banner ads (to get buy or generate your own life insurance sales leads, see the 'related articles section below)...

One of the most common lead generation methods is to make a money-saving offer. But is it the right method? Hold that thought...

Get Your Prospects Attention With A Headline!

Whether you decide on a postcard mailer, sales letter, display ad, or banner ad, your first goal is to get the attention of your insurance prospect with a headline. Otherwise they will not notice your ad and you won't generate life insurance leads.

For example:

"How To Save 70% On Your Life Insurance!"

Mortgage Protection Leads alternative:

"How To Save 70% On Your Mortgage Protection Insurance!"


"How To Slash Your Mortgage Protection Insurance By 70%!"

These headlines are an example of a money saving offer technique to generate life insurance leads. Below the headline will be your body copy (where you explain why your prospect should set an appointment and/or buy your insurance plan).

In this headline example you may want to describe a case where you saved one of your clients 70% on their insurance. If you don't have a case such as this you should not write about it. But if you have a case where you saved your insurance client 45%, 37%, or a similar number adjust your ad.

Be Specific...

It's possible that the small figure, 37%, could get more attention than 70% just because it's a little more believable. Tests show that specific percentages increase response to your marketing so you'll get more life insurance try using 69% or 77% instead of rounded numbers to generate life insurance leads.

Two Life Insurance Leads Tips: Another option could be to write about your "quote service" that has achieved this kind of savings. Then make an offer to provide a quote and/or a policy review.

Or, offer a free quote as the main focus of your life insurance lead generation ad. Keep your headline appealing, similar to the above example (you may want to make your headline a "FREE Quote" offer, and then write your ad accordingly.)

You can show your rates and give them an option to call, fax, or mail a return reply card in to you for more information. Or, offer a free policy review and a comparison.

The Problem...

The problem with using money-savings offers and quotes to generate life insurance leads is that you'll attract price sensitive customers. These kinds of life insurance prospects are not loyal to a good service provider and they are likely to switch insurance companies for the lower rates.

In other words you may get a number of low quality life insurance leads.

Emotional Headlines Generate More Interest...

The second way to generate life insurance leads is to get your prospect to respond emotionally. Meaning, instead of appealing to ones logical side of the brain with a money savings headline, capture their attention with an emotional headline.

An example might be,

"How To Protect Your Family From Financial Devastation"


"10 Mistakes People Make When Buying Life Insurance"

The idea here is to appeal to ones emotions. After all, the main reason people buy life insurance is out of love for their family.

I know, you are thinking, "What about the '10 mistakes' headline? Is that emotional?"

The answer is Yes! People don't want to make mistakes. Especially when it deals with protecting their family. "Did I make a mistake?" That is an emotional question one will ask themselves.

These kinds of advertising techniques attract better life insurance sales leads.

Emotional headlines is an advanced marketing strategy which requires testing. But once you get it right you'll get more quality leads than you would had you used a money-saving offer. Why?...

Become The Expert...

You come off looking more like an expert because you are offering important information about insurance and what to look out for. Compare that to saving someone money...these kinds of prospects are price shoppers. They will probably replace their policy and go with the lowest price.

Whether you use the money savings option or the emotional option for lead generation, the rest of your ad will have to have a "call to action." Simply ask your prospect to pick up the phone and make a call.

Secondary Reason To Respond...

Another important area of the advertisement is called a Secondary Reason To Respond. You want to make sure they pick up the phone so what you can do is make a special offer for calling. Maybe offer a free report on a related topic as incentive.

The idea is to offer a high perceived value item for calling, but make it congruent with your product or service. Don't just offer any old gift because then maybe you come off looking a little sleazy.

The Guarantee...

Whether you want annuity leads or mortgage protection leads, here's what 99% of the agents are NOT doing...offering a guarantee. One way to go in your life insurance lead generation ad is to offer to pay your prospect for their time. Test an offer to write them a check for $25 or $50 if you cannot save them at least 25% on their insurance.

To brazen? An alternative can be to offer a free report or guide with high perceived value just for taking the time to call or schedule an appointment.

This can work well. AARP has been giving away a calculator just for calling their 800 number (I believe they are using it to help generate final expense leads). It must be working for them!

When you see the commercial for AARP (or search for the offer online), call and see how they are handling the call. Take notes and improve upon it. Then, create your own marketing message and test it.


Any advertising you do will require testing. So don't be disappointed if you don't get very many life insurance leads. Keep testing different headlines and advertising copy. Soon you'll find a combination that clicks and you'll attract qualified life insurance leads.

But don't rely on one form of insurance marketing. You should be using a combination of marketing methods. For example, in addition to direct mail and/or display ads you should network through the chamber of commerce, attend networking functions, hold seminars on estate planning and financial planning, buy leads to keep yourself busy, market on the internet, send out a newsletter, etc. etc.

Here is where to get information on qualified insurance leads today.

Happy prospecting!

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