Generate More Group Health Insurance Leads And Fill Your Appointment Book...

If you want to get group health insurance leads, and I mean good quality leads that lead to appointments and sales, here are some very effective marketing tips that will help you do the job.

The very first thing you have to do is decide on your list. Who are you mailing to? Are you mailing to businesses in general? Or are you targeting a specific industry?

The more specific you can be the better...

What list will get the best response and more group health insurance leads? Let me answer by asking another question...

What are business owners more likely to respond to? A marketing letter that is written to address his specific industry, or a letter that is written for any business?

The business owners specific industry, right? Because the more specific you get, the more likely they will feel it's a personal approach versus a, "I want to sell to any business that responds" kind of letter.

Don't get me wrong. You can still market to businesses in general and get good quality group health insurance leads, but if you want more group health insurance leads, you really have to dig down into the industries.

For example, you can market to contractors, car dealerships, carpet cleaners etc. etc.

The next important step is to create a simple system of marketing.

Even if you don't write a very good letter and you stick to a system you will get a better response and create a steady flow of group health insurance leads.

Here's a simple system to follow...

Send out a letter of introduction. be very basic and professional, but not stuffy and boring. State that if they are interested in your services to call your office or stop by your office anytime.

7-10 days later send a second letter. Here is where you get a little more aggressive in asking for an appointment. Be more specific about the benefits you provide, but don't reveal too much, and state them in a compelling manner. Offer a free consultation, and set a deadline for it about 14 days out.

Also state that if you don't hear from them you or your assistant will call to set the appointment.

A Guarantee For Group Health Insurance Leads?...

Another technique that works well in generating group health insurance leads is to offer a guarantee. Meaning, guarantee that the time you spend with them will be productive or you'll give them something. A $50 check written out in their name or to their favorite charity is a good one.

SIDE BAR: I know what you are thinking. "I can't afford that! What if a bunch of them take me up on this?" First off, most won't. Secondly, the increase in business that should result will far exceed a hundred or two hundred bucks. So don't discount it (see also the SIDE BAR below.)

Here's the next step in generating group health insurance leads: Send a third letter about 5-7 days later. This letter should have a little more showmanship and be even more aggressive in setting the appointment. You don't want to be overbearing so simply repeat the second letter, but ad a little more oomph to it.

Try adding a specialty grabber like a Million Dollar Bill, a dollar bill, a two dollar bill, pennies, wooden nickels etc. to grab their attention. Grabbers such as these have been known to double and triple response and get all kinds of group health insurance leads.

SIDE BAR: For those of you who think it's "unprofessional to offer guarantees and put in gimmicky items like Million Dollar Bills!" I've got news for you:

You absolutely, positively (and thousands of test results confirm this) MUST put a little showmanship in your marketing to get a better response.

Stick to "professional" writing and advertising and
you'll get ZERO return on your investment.

People WANT to be entertained. And if you put a little showmanship in your marketing you'll get their attention, they'll remember you, you'll stand out form the pack, and you'll get a consistent flow of group health insurance leads.

Just don't over do it. Keep a good balance of professionalism and showmanship and you'll see big results in your marketing.

So now that I've drilled that into your brain lets move onto the fourth step in generating group health insurance leads: Either send a final notice letter or follow up on the phone a few days later.

If you decide on a fourth letter (highly recommended), use this letter as the final notice letter, and then follow up.

Either way you will get more group health insurance leads and appointments than you are used to, and you'll get into companies that normally would shut the door on your face.

Big TIP(S):

Keep any companies that don't respond on your mailing list. Every month send them a newsletter or something similar. And/or, start a new sequence and follow up again. Just change it a little bit. Maybe address the fact that they didn't respond and that you are "shocked". You could include a success story about someone who responded. After that send another grabber letter or two letter and follow up on the phone.

After you burn through that system, start in on another list, and begin gathering group health insurance leads again.

Keep mailing your newsletter to the non-responders from every list you use.

If you follow this system to the "T" and keep it systematized, you will see a spike in your appointments and sales. People who don't respond will call you later on down the road, and you'll get more referrals. Just wait, you'll see. I hear success stories all the time.

Note: Besides the list, the second most important area you need to focus on is the direct mail package, including the envelope (or whatever packaging you choose) and how the letter(s) are written.

Dan Kennedy's "Magnetic Marketing" System is the bible on this area. I believe every business owner should design their marketing around all its amazing marketing secrets and systems.

The fact is, hardly any businesses, including insurance agents and financial planners, actually take the time to go through it and implement all the strategies. So that's good news for you...OPPORTUNITY!!! And that means more group health insurance leads for you!

Brian Maroevich

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