Increase Group Health Sales: Strategies and Recommended Books To Help You Get More Leads And Close More Sales.

Would you like to make more group health sales? Are you interested in getting more group insurance leads?

Chances are you have been directed by a mentor, agency, or author that suggests cold calling businesses. Nothing could be more old school than that. And it doesn't work.

As a matter of fact, it hurts you more than it helps you.

Imagine a business owner who might be interested in group health receives your call. He doesn't know you, like you, or trust you so his first thoughts are to get off the phone and leave him alone.

This damages your chances of getting a sale and building rapport. It damages your credibility because if you have to cold call to get new business with all the tools available to sales people these days, you must be a failure or on your way out.

So what do you do to get more group health sales?

You drop the cold calling BS, and start farming your market and generating leads online and offline...

Farming Your Market For Group Sales!

The basics of farming your market offline include:

  • list selection
  • letter sequencing
  • follow up
  • Display advertising in business journals
  • Joint venture marketing
  • And my favorite: Free publicity

The basics of farming your market online include (and you must have a website for this...a lead generation website that is):

  • google local listings
  • google local search optimization
  • google adwords
  • social media marketing (facebook and twitter)

Those are you basic avenues for group health lead generation (for starters). The most important ones off those lists are to send a sequence of killer prospecting letters and follow up on the phone. Get that systematized.

Then, have a lead generation campaign running non stop to capture local search results: businesses searching for health insurance agents. And then get them into your lead generation funnel.

Incorporate video, audio, and webinars (or teleseminars) into your marketing campaigns. Agents are not doing any of this. So you can own your market if you get all this up and running and systematized.

Start now.

Group Health Sales Books!

I've compiled a list of hard to find books for you to study if you want to increase your sales.

These books will become a vital part of your group marketing efforts (copy the title of each book and paste it into the search box at

Group Health Insurance

Feldman Method

Managed Care: An Agent's Door to the Small Group Market

From Worksite Marketing to Website Marketing

Principles of Health and Disability Insurance Selling

Group health marketing can be exciting and rewarding once you understand how to market your group insurance products and services.

This article is highly recommended. It will help you get more appointments with business owners. It will definitely help you make prospecting for group insurance much easier.

If you are totally strapped for cash you should read this cold calling tips article.

The books and articles listed above will help you make selling easier. if you have $7 to spend and you are interested in a marketing course that will help get more new group insurance leads starting today read this letter: Amazing Prospecting Letters.

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Brian Maroevich
Author, "The Avalanche Response Marketing System"

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