Secrets To Successful Insurance Letters

If you want to create insurance letters to generate leads or get appointments, here are some tips for you...

An effective letter that gets people interested in what you are selling so that they will respond or set an appointment with you must have, at minimum, the following elements:

1. Attention getting headline or grabber. Insurance sales letters that do not have an attention grabbing headline or grabber gets a far lower response rate than insurance letters that do not have one. The reason is that when people open an envelope you only have 3 seconds to grab their attention so that they will continue on to the first sentence (and then you have to keep their interest from there).

2. Compelling copy. Letters with boring 'we' orientated copy will be instantly trashed. You have to write compelling reasons for your reader to keep reading and respond.

3. Reason why. One of the most effective copywriting strategies is to provide logical and sometimes emotional reasons your reader must respond to your offer. Pure hype with no reason why will get your letter thrown out.

4. Credentialize. Use testimonials and other credentializing designations that your prospect perceives as important. CLU, CHFC, and any other industry designations mean very little to your prospect. But being a BBB member, a member of the chamber of commerce, and being awarded a designation from a ratings company will carry much more weight. Why? Because they can relate to it.

5. Deadline. Insurance letters that have some sort of deadline for responding get a higher response than letters that do not.

6. Secondary Response. When writing your insurance letter, be sure to include a secondary reason for response. For example, a free gift or premium will increase response.

7. Systematize. An insurance sales letters system will far outperform a single letter: 3 letter sequence, 2 letter sequence...postcard follow up, 3 letter sequence with telemarketing follow up, etc. etc. (You should have several of these mini systems set up year round if you want to grow your business).

These are several essential elements you should use in your insurance letters. Frankly, there are a lot more. But if you incorporate these elements in your letter writing you should see a bump in response.

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