Why You Should Get Your Own List Of Annuity Owners...

If you are looking for a list of annuity owners you should start with a list broker or go to the library and research the SRDS at the reference section.

The SRDS stands for Standard Rate and Data Service.

If you make time to peruse this huge resource you will save yourself time and money looking for a list of annuity owners...or any mailing list for that matter. Working with a list broker that may or may not have your best interests at heart may not work hard enough to uncover good, clean lists for you (if you are a small buyer most brokers could care less about you. But if you do find a good one and they want to work with you, you are in a very good position because a good list broker can uncover some amazing mailing lists, and in this case...lists of annuity owners.)

The SRDS has all kinds of lists for you to research. It's an absolute gold mine. You can purchase your own copy and it's not cheap. But if you are serious about your direct mail (and you should be if you want to market your services effectively) you may want to consider getting your own copy and do your own research on lists of annuity owners, insurance, etc..

Within this huge resource are lists that I know will get you salivating. I guarantee you will be surprised and delited at the lists of annuity owners, insurance owners and other lists of hot prospects that are buried in the SRDS.

I have created a killer report that goes in depth on how to use the SRDS effectively to uncover killer lists. It's FREE when you get this product. It's worth the price of the entire course.

A few tips on getting a list of annuity owners...

Your best list of annuity owners will be a list that is updated

often. You want a list of annuity owners who have recently purchased an annuity in addition to an annuity owners list that is quite old but has updated addresses.

This way you can test your marketing campaign to see which list pulls the best. Or do seperate marketing to each list of annuity owners (preferred method.)

A list that is updated often with new 'buyers' of whatever product is being purchased (in this case it's an annuity) are called 'Hotline Lists' or Hotline Buyers. This is important because you don't want to sound like you don't know what you are talking about when you call the list managers because...

List Of Annuity Owners: A Money Saving Secret You Will Thank Me For...

This Secret alone will save you thousands of dollars over the next several years: Create you own in-house advertising agency.

Once you get yourself familiar with the ins-and-outs of the SRDS and a few mailing list terms, you will know as much as your average list broker. And at this time you should create your own 'in-house advertising agency' and relay this info on to the manager of the list of annuity owners you are buying from. Why? Because you'll save 20% off your list of annuity owners! That's right! This is how list brokers make their money: People like you and me who are looking for a list will call a list broker and tell them what we want. They hang up the phone and peruse the SRDS and come up with a bunch of options. They then relay these options to us and we pay them the retail price for the list. They get at least 20%.

So once you are comfortable working lists on your own, create your own in-house ad agency and save yourself some money.

Get your own list of annuity owners from the SRDS and save a few bucks.

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