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Qualified annuity leads are profitable leads to work, but they can be challenging to generate on your own...

Annuity products are appealing to consumers, and the commissions can be exceptional. But agents make many mistakes when it comes to generating leads on their own. And buying leads from lead generation companies can be a gamble.

This article on discusses the basics of advertising annuities so that you have a better chance of generating good quality annuity leads online and offline.

Annuity Leads and The Four Questions To Ask

Here are four questions you should yourself before you try to generate annuity leads...

Who are your prospects? Where are your prospects? How will you reach them? What will they respond to?

Lets start with the first question.

Who Are Your Prospects?

If you have a client base, take a look at the demographics of those who already own annuities. Also, if you have old (or dead) annuity leads you generated or bough in the past look at those demographics as well.

If you can’t get demographics in your client base or find old annuity leads, make an educated guess.

From these demographics you can come up with average age and income. This might be a list worth investing in.

Other target markets...

401k rollover leads? People who own cash value insurance? People who read financial publications (investing)? These lists may contain a treasure trove of qualified leads.

If you want to generate leads, the bottom line is you need to find your target market (demographic).

Where Are Your Prospects?

Are they on the Internet? Maybe you can create a web site that educates your prospects on annuities (this might be a long term project for generating annuity leads, but it can be very lucrative. See my article on internet marketing (including how to generate annuity leads.)

Look for a relationship in your zip codes. Are your target markets (demographics) in a few specific zip codes? Maybe most of them are in one zip code. It’s also a good area for you to consider having a financial planning seminar.

Big Tip: Ask a list broker if they can come up with a list of annuity owners. Yes, this list is available in certain areas of the United States. This list could be very hot because they have already put money into an annuity and understand the benefits. These kinds of annuity leads are easier to sell to (sell them indexed annuities, variable, etc.)

How Will You Reach Your Prospects?

If you find a good direct mail list you should probably mail them a direct marketing piece.

Generate annuity leads through the newspaper. Make sure you get good placement if you are placing a display ad. Or, consider an insert. Also, be sure your demographic subscribes to the newspaper.

Does your target market read a special local magazine or newsletter? Maybe all of the above.

Consider teaming up with CPA’s and Attorney’s. Elder law attorneys are really worth your time to go after for joint ventures (seminars, newsletter articles, etc.)

Don’t forget about the internet! Follow this link for the article on internet life insurance leads (it's a very good article on internet marketing...yes, even local marketing).

What Will They Respond To?

Whether it’s a postcard, sales letter, display ad, or anything similar, you have to get your prospects attention. Imagine your prospect reading the newspaper or browsing the internet. What will grab their attention first? When it comes to generating leads you have lots of options to test. But the bottom line is you have to create a headline that will appeal to your target audience. One technique for generating annuity leads is to offer valuable information for free. For example you can put together a booklet on how annuities protect your assets and defer taxes, plus other tips. Or if your target market is rich with IRA’s, consider putting together a booklet on the pitfalls of IRA’s and the advantages of other products…like annuities. After you figure out your demographics you should consider a headline (and the title of a booklet). For example... “5 Ways Annuities Will Reduce Your Taxes And Protect Your Assets”

If you want to generate leads in the retiree marketplace you may want to consider this headline… "Don't Let the IRS Take Away 20-30% of Your Retirement Account" If your target market is seniors, then you can try… “Attention: If You Are Age 50 - 80 Here's 5 Ways To Reduce Taxes And Protect Your Assets With Annuities” This kind of annuity marketing (free valuable information that your audience wants) educates your audience. As a result they will perceive you as the expert and you will get more qualified annuity leads.

Another alternative is to advertise the actual annuity. I am not a big believer in product advertising but it might generate a few annuity leads that you can close in a short period of time. I recently noticed this annuity lead generation ad on the internet (it could also be an ad in a newspaper)…

Liberty Champion
5% Bonus

Indexed Annuity
Annual Upside Potential

"A-" A.M. Best Rating
Call: 1-555-555-5555
I would re-work this ad to look a little more like this…

“How To Get Up To A 24.00% Annual Return!”
Discover the Indexed Annuity by
Liberty Champion, and how to get a
5% interest bonus!
"A-" A.M. Best Rating

FREE Information:
Call 1-888-888-8888 24Hrs.

Other headline ideas for generating annuity leads that combine educating your prospect with product marketing are…

“5 Reasons To Own An Annuity” “Is A Tax Deferred Annuity Right For You?” (You might even try using this in conjunction with the 24% ad above.) I’m not sure it will get a good response, but it may be worth a try but don't rely on it. Like I said, it may create a few annuity leads for you. Your best leads will come from creating ads that make you look more like an expert and educates your audience.

Favorite Annuity Marketing Method… If you really want to generate leads and make a lot of sales fast, you should offer free seminars. But the twist is that you won’t be advertising your annuities. You’ll market yourself as an advisor/consultant. People are more interested in saving taxes, protecting their assets, and making a good return on their investment more than they are in an actual annuity. People don't want to be sold anything. They want to make an educated decision (hint, hint) and listen to the advice of someone they trust.

Seminars make you an instant expert and your target market can kick the tires a bit (in other words, have a look at you.) So you should definitely consider a model that markets your services and not your products. For example a very good headline example for a seminar might be, “FREE Seminar: How To Defer Taxes Indefinitely And Protect Your Assets From Being Taken By The IRS!” This has a more emotional tone and makes people want to know more. Again, if you want to generate annuity leads in the senior market you could really zero in on them and say…

“Attention Seniors:
FREE Seminar - How To Defer Taxes Indefinitely And Protect Your Assets From
Being Taken By The IRS!”

If you are saying to yourself, “That’s unprofessional.” All I can say is it can’t be if quality prospects are responding. Especially if agents and planners are using emotional, benefit driven headlines like these to make a killing in their markets. The results speak for themselves. And they are always positive (assuming they followed a marketing system properly.)

While you are gearing up your marketing system here's where to get free no obligation information on qualified annuity leads starting today.

New annuity marketing tips and ideas will be published in the next several weeks. Also check the articles below for more Free insurance marketing and financial advisor marketing secrets.

Brian Maroevich
Author, Million Dollar Prospecting Letters

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