Annuity Marketing System Basics

What is an annuity marketing system? Is it an online or offline system? The answer is that it can and should involve both.

Marketing annuities can involve two separate lead generation systems, or it can be one annuity marketing system that involves an online and offline components.

For example. One system could be a postcard lead generation system that targets annuity owners. Another could be a pay per click annuity lead generation system.

If you bring the both together, then you could:

  • Drive interested prospects to your website via a postcard. In this case you should offer something of tremendous value for free. Since you are asking people to jump through a hoop, you better offer quality 'bait'. For example, offer a free DVD, Report, or both.

  • Pay for clicks to your website, and offer a downloadable report or a printed report (and a DVD). You should send your annuity prospects both a direct mail postcard or letter, and follow up relentlessly. (in addition to your report and DVD).

In addition to your offline annuity marketing, you would send a series of emails (an autoresponder system).

Since there are many annuity companies marketing annuities, you must separate yourself from the pack. Don't be a 'me too' marketer.

The key to success in an marketing campaign is to grab attention, and get people involved in your marketing pieces. Don't market the annuity product. Market the benefits of an annuity. Use case studies and/or testimonials to validate your claims.

If you want to buy a cookie cutter turn-key marketing system, I can't recommend anyone at this time. Most are average at best.

My recommendation is to create your own plan for marketing annuities. Study direct response marketing, and quality online lead generation 'guru's.

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