Generating Long Term Care Insurance Leads:
A Few Tips...

Are long term care insurance leads becoming easier to generate compared to most insurance products? Many agents in the long term care market would answer "Yes". Here's why...

Seniors are getting more exposure to the realities of assisted living and long term care through their family and friends tragic experiences.

As a result seniors are becoming more receptive to the idea of carrying long term care. Which in turn means you'll get more long term care insurance leads from your advertising efforts.

But you must conduct your long term care lead generation efforts according the rules of direct response marketing (more on this in a moment).

Long Term Care Insurance Leads: The Sales Cycle...

In addition, the senior demographic is growing by leaps and bounds and you're looking at a lucrative market. A market that will produce thousands of long term care insurance leads.

Long term care leads are easier to generate, however they usually require a longer selling cycle. Seniors are not always in a hurry to buy things (especially long term care insurance), and they may require a lot of information.

Sure, sometimes you will find a very trusting long term care lead or prospect and they'll buy on the spot. But generally speaking they like to be certain about what they are getting, why they are getting it, and from whom.

The good news is that once you build a customer base in long term care products and you do a good job, you'll a flood of long term care insurance leads and referrals coming in.

Long Term Care Insurance Leads: Lead Generation Ideas...

There are several ways to market long term care to generate long term care insurance leads. You can use the Internet, direct mail, and cold calling methods to name the most popular methods.

If you do a fair job of your marketing with direct mail and Internet strategies (or even if you buy leads...more in this), there is no reason to cold call.

The best way to generate fresh high quality long term care insurance leads (besides asking for referrals from your current client base) is to create an effective ad.

An effective ad is one that grabs the attention of your senior prospect and guides them into the rest of the ad so that they feel inclined to ask for more information.

Tip: Don't advertise price. You'll get a small number of long term care insurance leads, if any. Long term care is expensive, and it requires education. So the better you are at educating your prospects, the better your long term care insurance leads will be.

Long Term Care Insurance Leads: The Headline...

So the first step is to create an effective headline. A headline is the most important part of your ad. Without a well conceived headline, you won't get your seniors attention, and therefore you wont generate long term care insurance leads.

For example, which headline do you think is better?

"John Samples Insurance Services" Life, health, and long term care insurance products


"10 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Long Term Care Insurance"

The second headline is better for several reasons. It is newsworthy, emotional, and it targets only seniors (or maybe the children of seniors).

Newsworthy because it is an interesting headline that demands ones attention.

Emotional because people don't like to make mistakes. So the thought of making a mistake evokes some level of emotion.

Targets seniors because the only people who buy long term care insurance are seniors (or the children of seniors).

"John Samples Insurance Services" does absolutely nothing to evoke any level of curiosity or emotion. This ad will not generate any long term care insurance leads. And it won't generate any leads at all.

Long Term Care Insurance Leads: The Next Step...

Once you get your seniors attention, your next job is to write a brief description of what you are offering, and give your seniors a simple option to call you and/or mail you.

To get more long term care insurance leads, be brief, yet to the point.

What are you offering in this ad? Answer: You are offering information to your long term care insurance leads and prospects. So it's important to send out informative information that also drives toward a sales appointment.

Long Term Care Insurance Leads: Appointment Setting Ideas...

I know some agents who call their prospects prior to sending the information package and set an appointment that way. They will tell their prospect that, "They will be in the area" and they can drop the information off.

Some agents simply mail the information to their long term care insurance leads and then follow-up.

Several others mail the information, and then send three follow up letters. If the seniors do not call for an appointment they follow up on the phone.

Long Term Care Insurance Leads: Favorite Methods...

My two favorite and super effective strategies are the following:

1. Seminars

2. Newsletters

Or a combination of the two.

There are many different ways to make sales with either method. For now I'll keep it simple.

The first strategy is to generate long term care insurance leads by using a similar headline approach above, but instead of offering an information package, offer a free newsletter subscription.

This is your opportunity to send out valuable information on long term care and/or other asset protection ideas. You should also do a soft-sell for an appointment, and ask for referrals. Since it's a subscription, you have an excuse to contact your long term care leads over and over.

This is important because it builds a relationship, and you gain credibility as an expert.

Long Term Care Insurance Leads: Slash The Sales Cycle...

It's a long sales cycle in the long term care insurance market. This newsletter strategy will knock the sales cycle down without you having to follow up on the phone all the time. You will build trust and loyalty by contacting them over and over with good reliable information. Trust is the foundation of making a sale.

You will get a few calls and a few seniors will set appointments with you as well.

After you mail to your list several times you should drive a little bit harder for an appointment and also ask for referrals (in the newsletter.)

After you get this list going and you set some appointments, start thinking about marketing a seminar.

Advertise your seminar to your old list of non responders, your list of long term care insurance leads (through your newsletter), your current prospects (through your newsletter...hopefully you are sending the same or a similar newsletter to your clients), and mail to a brand new list as well.

If you do a decent job of marketing...just a decent one, your seminar will be extremely profitable!

Even if you don't market a seminar you'll find that the first strategy, although a little bit long in terms of a marketing cycle compared to what you are probably used to, is also very profitable. Just be patient and stick to the system.

Soon the long term care insurance leads and clients will be waltzing in!

Sounds like a lot of work? It's not once you get everything systematized. You'll know when to mail what at the right time (you can also hire a part time person or delegate some of the back office work to someone else).

Buying Leads...

If you want to get a head start on building your client base, buy long term care insurance leads from a reliable vendor. Follow this link to get good quality long term care insurance leads instantly from a reliable vendor: Long term care insurance leads.

SIDE BAR: If you want to make money in the senior market you have to be very tuned into seniors wants and needs. You have to know what their biggest problems are, be very patient with them, and be very responsive.

You can become proficient in understanding their problems with a little research. Here are a couple of links for you to review at your leisure:

You are probably already patient and responsive to your clients so all you have to do is get your marketing going. You should also consider buying long term care insurance leads to get your feet wet. Soon you'll be on your way to a very loyal and trusting senior client base.

Brian Maroevich
Author, Million Dollar Prospecting Letters

Follow this link for recommended reading on
selling long term care insurance.

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