Generate Senior Insurance Leads and Close Them!

Senior insurance leads and lead generation are very important to your business, but as an agent you already know that. What many agents find difficult is trying to decide which method of marketing and lead generation will get them the most for their money. It's time to learn how to get the best possible senior insurance leads possible.

You must make sure that the leads you are generating are quality leads, because if they are not you will waste a great deal of time. Since time is money you don't want to find yourself in that situation.

Once you have the quality lead it's up to you to be able to close the deal. It's important to act on a lead as soon as you receive it, because the longer you sit on the lead the higher the chance that another agent will land up converting the lead into a sale...

There are many ways to create senior insurance leads. You can create a website and allow customers to post a request for a quote, information on coverage, or my favorite method is to offer an information product (a video, report, audio, or all of the above) as a lead generator.

You can use email insurance marketing and ask your current clients to offer leads. You can do the same with the telephone, or you can do cold calling and just start phoning (check your Do Not Call requirements in your state). You can hire a telemarketing company, run print ads, or you can use direct mail.

That's just a handful of the ways you can generate senior insurance leads, but if you want consistency you are going to have to up the anti. Serious agents take lead generation seriously, and that's why online lead generation services are one of the best kept secrets. These services provide you with quality leads for different types of insurance.

If you are looking for senior life insurance leads you would set up your account by pre paying for senior life insurance leads. If you were looking for auto insurance leads you would set it up to reflect that. You want real time leads, which means you get the lead almost instantly after the potential client has requested a quote. That allows you the opportunity to close the sale while the lead is still "hot."

There are many insurance lead services online. It's important that you take the time to match your needs with the right lead service company. Ask questions so you know exactly what's being offered. There's a great deal of variety between these services so compare.

One other online services that is excellent for generating senior insurance leads is the Pay Per Click or PPC is another popular online lead generating service. Here you bid on ad space on Google, MSN, or Yahoo. When someone does a search your ad can appear. How often your ad appears depends on your bid and a few other factors. If a person clicks on your ad then you've just obtained a quality lead.

Senior Marketing Tip: They key to effectively generating senior life insurance leads is to match the right marketing message to the senior market. What that message is depends on a lot of things. To find out, ask your current senior clients, or even hire a survey company to uncover what their greatest fears are, what makes them happy, and how they feel about certain kinds of insurance. Also, use references to famous people and things that they remember from their earlier years. This might show them that you are 'one of them' in a sense, which will increase the trust factor. Trust is huge in this market, especial if you want to sell insurance to seniors.

There are all kinds of ways to generate senior insurance leads both online and offline. Direct mail outs, telemarketing, newspaper ads as well as other print ads, television, and radio are just a few of those options to help you generate senior life insurance leads, long term care, or annuity and financial planning leads.

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