A Guide To Senior Insurance Marketing!

Senior insurance marketing is ripe with opportunity for those agents and planners that plan and use effective direct marketing techniques in multiple media.

When marketing to seniors many large marketing companies make the mistake of assuming that people in the senior market respond to being called 'seniors'. The higher end of the age bracket may not be offended, but many in their 50's all the way up to the late 70's are not so happy with that label.

So avoid using it in your senior insurance marketing (but do a split test to be sure my opinions are correct).

I was reading the paper as I was waiting for my Peets coffee (soy latte) and one of the headlines of an article read:

I Refuse To Be Called A Senior Citizen!

And next to that headline was a balding, resentful man. That headline is awesome. And you should use it in your senior insurance marketing. It will get a response from 'seniors' because I am sure that when the read that headline they will nod their heads and think, "I feel the same way".

So keep that in mind. But don't take my word for it. You need to test.

My recommendation is to do senior insurance marketing research first. Go to websites and forums that are active with seniors and see what they are talking about, thinking, and feeling, and use that in your marketing and newsletters.

For example, one of my favorite strategies for long term care or senior life insurance marketing is to author a guide, report, or book on the subject or subjects related to seniors problems.

I feel strongly (and with experience) that many seniors on upper end of the demographic do not want to go to a nursing home and will do anything to stay in their home. Write a guide, report, book or do a video on:

Attention: If You Are Age 71 Or Older Here's How To Stay Out Of A Nursing Home and Live A Long And Happy Life In Your Own Home!

By writing or doing a video on that subject or any number of subjects that are affecting seniors you will identify yourself as an expert in the field and they will flock to you for answers.

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