Generate Health Insurance Leads More Effectively

Health Insurance Leads can be generated using many different methods. You can generate them through the internet, direct mail, display advertising, and fax advertising.

You can buy health leads from online insurance lead generation websites. There are only a handful of good ones. Read this review of qualified insurance lead companies and details on our top recommendations.

Two Kinds Of Ads

There are two kinds of ads you can write for generating health insurance leads.

  1. An advertorial, which is an ad that looks and feels like an article.
  2. Or, a standard ad...the ones you see in the newspaper all the time.

Standard ads are ads that simply look and feel like an ad. Anyone can tell it's an ad. Open your newspaper and you'll see what I mean. It's loaded with obvious ads that scream "I want to sell you something" and therefore get no response. Personally I prefer advertorials. They are fun to write and they usually get the best response, in other words...more health insurance leads.

Standard ads only work if you are advertising something that people really want and need. Health insurance is not something that people necessarily want. But they really need it.

I see agents and planners advertising in the local paper all the time. But unfortunately they violate all the rules of direct marketing lead generation. If you want to generate health insurance leads, here are a few tips that will give you an edge...

Health Insurance Leads: The Main Goal
The main goal of a health insurance lead generation ad is to get your prospect to take action. You want them to pick up the phone, send in a return reply card, fill out a survey, send you an email, etc. etc.

The First Step

The first step to getting good quality individual health insurance leads or group leads is to get the attention of your prospect with a headline (and if you are using direct mail, the first step is finding a good quality list.) For example, if you are placing an ad in the newspaper and you are advertising your insurance services, which headline do you think will get the most attention... "Smith Insurance Services"

Or, "10 Sure Fire Ways To Save On Health Insurance" If you guessed the second one, you are correct. "10 Sure Fire Ways To Save On Health Insurance" is a headline that will probably generate insurance leads for you(assuming you get good placement in the newspaper and your write a decent advertisement). People are always looking to save on their insurance, especially health insurance. Plus, it sounds like an informative article which creates involvement in the ad (getting your prospect 'involved' is a very important concept in marketing). The idea is to write a headline that will get people interested enough in your ad and keep reading. If they don't read the rest of your ad they won't respond.

Health Insurance Leads: Two Options...
Using the article approach and the "10 Ways..." headline as an example (called advertorial in direct marketing circles), we have two solid options: Option 1: Write 10 different tips on how to save on health insurance. You could write about medical savings plans, health insurance alternatives, premium payment alternatives, pharmaceutical alternatives, etc. etc.

Option 2: Write the ad without the 10 tips, but advertise a free report or newsletter that will go over each of these 10 tips. Sort of like a classified ad, but bigger (a display ad). The main goal of a lead generation ad is to get your prospect to take action.

A direct marketing rule of thumb is that a lead generation ad should be short (there are always exceptions, but lets keep it simple). So option 2 may be your best option if you want a larger quantity of qualified leads. Option 1 will take longer to read and you'll lose some readers (and therefore a smaller response to your ad). BUT, if option 1 is done properly you'll get better quality heath insurance leads.

An Alternative

Another alternative for your ad is to unload everything you've got and reveal your pricing. The bad news is you'll get fewer prospects and you will get a lot of "shoppers". The good news is that the leads you'll get will probably close faster. So you'll have to decide for yourself.

Here's a tip. Create an "advertorial" look to your ad and reveal the pricing as well. For example, write your ad like an article and show a comparison of your rates (and benefits) to your main competition. This way you gain a little more credibility and readership through the article format, and you'll probably generate a few high quality fast closing health insurance leads at the same time. 21st Century Insurance was doing this very successfully for a number of years. The only twist is that they wrote the ad on a 8 1/2 by 11 piece of yellow paper and used it as an insert in the local paper. Their ad was to generate auto insurance leads. But this does not matter. It's a very good model for your health insurance lead generation efforts.

For do-it-yourself health insurance marketing (where you can generate your own exclusive health insurance leads) use the tips in this article for any form of advertising you are considering: direct mail, Internet, display ads etc. Even advertising mediums such as Money Mailer or Val-Pak.

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Local Marketing Tip:

Online local marketing is something that you should be actively pursuing in addition to offline lead generation methods. Read this article on local insurance leads and marketing.

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