Get Group Insurance Leads and Close Them...

There are several group insurance leads companies that generate leads online and offline. You will find that some of these marketing companies use telemarketing, direct mail, and internet insurance lead generation methods.

The top lead companies have a combination of lead generation and telemarketing follow up to qualify the lead, or provide live transfer leads. Live transfers are when the lead is on the phone and they keep them on the phone and let you close the leads.

We Recommended This Insurance Leads Company For Group Insurance Leads.

You will find that group insurance lead companies provide more than just group insurance prospects. They also have life insurance leads, annuity leads, health insurance leads, long term care leads, final expense leads, business insurance leads, renters leads, home insurance leads, and auto insurance leads.

Most companies focus on 5 or 6 lead generation areas. Some are better than others for life insurance, and others are better for annuity or long term care leads. But there are only a few companies that provide group insurance leads. And only two or three of them are worth your time and money.

As with all insurance marketing companies, they can't guarantee that every lead is going to be a quality one. As you know from your own prospecting experiences there are quite a few that fall through the cracks, disappoint, and can string you along. But then there are the ones that make your day and sometimes even your whole year!

I can't guarantee that an insurance leads company will give you results like that right off the bat, but I know agents that do very well with group leads as well as life, health, and other insurance leads.

The key to success with online leads is to follow up with good insurance email marketing...a series of quality emails, and even audio and video. Get them on the phone and do not pressure them. Win their trust, but don't bore them with professional language like, "We represent the top rated insurance carriers...".

I recommend buying group leads from a company that provides real time leads so that you can get them while they are really hot. But the problem with real time leads is they are shared leads unless you pay more to get exclusive leads. Test both.

My recommended company for group insurance leads is this company. They sell less leads to agents (on a shared basis) than most of the other lead companies, and agents are having great success with them.

Be prepared. If you haven't followed up on internet generated leads dig through this list of insurance sales tips. Put together email marketing templates that will be ready to send to prospects. Don't write on a whim. Get your telephone script ready to go, but don't sound canned.

Once you get this together start testing out your group insurance leads.

I highly recommend you read this article on how to follow up on internet insurance leads and make money selling insurance.

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