3 Insurance Email Marketing Tips

Before you start your insurance email marketing campaign, it's important to understand a few things when it comes to email marketing for insurance.

First, there are basically two ways to market insurance with email.

The first way is to rent an email list, and send an email blast. This is NOT recommended. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble doing this, and ruin your credibility with otherwise qualified prospects.

It is possible to buy insurance email lists of people who are supposedly interested in insurance. If you take this route, my recommendation is to make sure your list is a double opt in list.

A double opt in list means that a person took the time to fill out a form online which is the first opt in. Then they received a confirmation email as a result of filling in this form in their email box which requires them to click a link that in turn confirms their 'subscription'.

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Note: Some insurance email lists are not double opt in lists. These lists are highly suspect.

The second way to market insurance with email is to build your own opt in list of prospects. This is a recommended insurance email marketing strategy. If you get the permission from a prospect to send them a series of emails, then you are building a very qualified list that has tremendous value.

Insurance Email Marketing Tip #1:

Build your own list of hungry prospects. Build your list using a lead generation website, and an auto-responder. An auto-responder is a wonderful tool that allows you to create an endless sequence of emails that are sent to your prospects over a period of time that you choose.

You simply write the emails, specify how many days apart they are sent, and then the system automatically sends them to the person who signs up for your emails.

Also, a good auto-responder will have handy tools like: forms, analytic s, and html templates. I use Aweber. I've been using them for many years. They have the highest deliverability of emails (which is very important because if your prospect doesn't get your email, then you've lost an opportunity).

Insurance Email Marketing Tip #2:

Convince your prospect to fill out your form by offering them something of value. In order for a prospect to give up their valuable contact information, you must give them a reason why they should do so. Offer a Free: Mini course, report, video or series of videos, audio's, or all of the above.

The 'thing' or 'widget' you offer should not only sound good it better yet DELIVER good content. Your 'widget' is your opportunity to educate your prospect, and in turn position yourself as the expert.

Once you accomplish this, who are they going to go to for insurance or financial products and/or planning? You. Not the guy or gal down the street who is hounding them on a $19 per month term insurance policy from a AAA rated carrier.

Insurance Email Marketing Tip #3: After you get your prospects contact information, follow up with a series of emails and/or audio and video to establish a relationship. Do not try and sell your prospect on the first email. And do not blatantly sell your prospect in your 'widget' either.

This is the time of 'courting'.

Insurance email marketing, and selling insurance is the same as dating. If you go to a dance or nice brewery with the intention of meeting someone, you are not going to do well if you walk up and say, "Hi, I'm John. You're pretty. Will you come home with me and then marry me next weekend?"

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Believe it or not, but many agents are trained to do just that. They are told to get a list of people to cold call, and then hound them until they buy something or ask you to go away.

Things have changed. Especially when it comes to insurance email marketing and marketing online.

Send a series of at least 7 emails with very good content that establishes you as the expert. Then, ask for the appointment.

Insurance Email Marketing Tip #4: Boring. Insurance agents and insurance products are notoriously boring. Be fun. Be exciting. Yes, you can do it. Put your personality into it. Show a picture of you with happy clients, and tell story un-related to insurance about them. Show a picture of your family and tell a story about the family dog. Something funny. Show video and audio of yourself.

The only way to get someone to buy from you using email for marketing insurance is if they know, like, and trust you. By establishing trust and building rapport using the insurance email marketing tips above you'll get more clients and a consistent number of referrals.

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