List Building and Financial Services Email Marketing!

Financial services email marketing is much easier than insurance email marketing because it insurance marketing has it's limits.

That's why I often tell insurance agents to position themselves as financial planners (assuming they are selling life insurance and annuities) because there are so many more alternatives, and options when it comes to lead generation and marketing.

Financial services email marketing is very similar to the article I wrote on email insurance marketing. You should read it because it explains the crucial fundamentals of email marketing.

An example of an effective financial services email marketing campaign is as follows.

The first step is to build your list. If you don't have a list, you need to start building it. Do not gather up all your old email contacts and throw them into an email contact system. This will only annoy your current clients. You have to get their permission first.

I do not recommend marketing to your old clients either. You can, and you might get conflicting advice, but if you take a little bit of a bigger step and send a direct mail postcard or letter, and then follow up with email, you will probably get a better response rate.

The second step is to start building your list through online lead generation techniques. You can, and should, use pay per click and natural search engine traffic (free traffic).

Design your lead generation website such that it is totally geared toward getting the contact information of your prospects online.

In order to get your prospects contact information you have to offer something of value. A free mini course, report, video, or audio is perfect.

Side Bar: When you contact your current clients offer them something of value to sign up as well. But different.

This is when you start your financial services email marketing. Once you get a prospects contact information you will contact them every few days. Test a once per week financial services email marketing letter.

Use an autoresponder so that you are not writing individual emails all day. An autoresponder automatically sends your pre written emails to your clients on pre selected days. It's a powerful online marketing tool.

What to you send your prospects and clients? You should have an informative email newsletter put together that is fun to read and has interesting topic related and totally unrelated to insurance and financial services. Make it entertaining.

In addition, ask for referrals to your newsletter. This is how you build your list even further.

Use your email marketing letters and newsletters to promote your seminars, webinars, and teleseminars. Also, include information products like 'how to' guides, checklists, and other things that your clients will find useful.

Side Bar: Check out the most popular consumer and business magazines when you are at the grocery store and bookstore. See how they use attention getting teasers? Model them in your newsletter, mini course etc. to get increase sign ups and readership.

To learn more about effective financial services email marketing and to boost your referrals get my mini course called Referral Secrets. You get your mini course every several days, and I'll also include helpful marketing and lead generation tips and guides along the way.

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