Group Insurance Marketing Secrets!

Effective group insurance marketing is measured by response rates and return on investment from your advertising efforts.

As an insurance agent your job is to get in front of as many qualified prospects for group insurance as possible.

The problem that most group producers have is lack of qualified prospects and referrals. Good, systematized marketing will solve this problem.

What is good group insurance marketing?

In my opinion and in my experience, launching and testing what I call 'mini marketing systems' and maintaining them is the key to success in any marketing of a product or service.

What agents usually do is send a few letters out to a compiled list or hammer their current clients for referrals. If you put together a mini marketing system to generate new prospects and referrals, they can do all the group insurance prospecting for you.

For example you could have one mini marketing system for each of the following:

  • New business (direct mail insurance letters, online marketing, seminars, and pay per lead).
  • Referrals (print and online email newsletter, contests, etc.).
  • Upsell (generate leads for add on sales to existing clients).

Group insurance leads can be purchased to fill your appointment book.

Read this article on how to making money selling insurance online to supplement your purchase.

But you should have your own mini marketing systems in place as well. Do not start and stop them. Systematize them. Get someone else to do it if you don't have time.

When using direct mail, go big or go home. You can make significant commissions and back end sales to one group client, so don't wimp out by sending a boiler plate letter with your company name on it (and then wonder why nobody calls you).

Poor mans group insurance marketing mini system: Send a sequence of three or four prospecting letters. Use benefits, case studies and/or testimonials. Have some sort of deadline where each letter builds up to it (proven way to increase response).

Big mans group insurance marketing mini system: Send a sequence of one or two prospecting letters and then follow up with 2 hard hitting packages with one or more significant 'grabbers' that wow your prospect. A grabber is something like a promotional item that is totally congruent with your marketing message. For example...

A mini garbage pail with your letter crumpled up in it:

Are You Throwing Thousands Of Dollars In The Trash?

A suit case filled with million dollar bills:

I can save your company millions in unnecessary financial expenses and taxes! Here's how...

In addition to offline group insurance marketing mini systems you should have an online lead generation program.

For an example and tips on how to do this, get our free referral marketing mini course or our prospecting and marketing mini course and I will have this done shortly.

Imagine how much easier life would be if you didn't have to worry about filling up your appointment book anymore. You can accomplish this if you create and systematize a program for each group insurance marketing system above.

At the very least you can have a group insurance marketing program to generate referrals and add on sales using a newsletter. Newsletters are the most misunderstood and underrated marketing tool out there, and you can stand out from the crowd and grow your business with it. But it has to be good, and you have to send it every month.

More group insurance leads are right around the corner.

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