How To Sell Insurance Online!

You can sell insurance online, from home, even without picking up the phone.

In order to get interested prospects contacting you for insurance quotes or to buy insurance will require a few basic online and offline tools.

You'll need these basic tools if you want to sell insurance online...

  • Computer with internet access. High speed internet access is a must.
  • Headset. This is not mandatory but it will free up your hands for when you are talking with prospects on the phone (You don't have to talk with prospects but you should. It will help you sell insurance online...dramatically more).

That's basically it for the bare bones online tools to help you sell insurance online. If you don't have a website or you are not ready to start an online marketing campaign to generate your own insurance leads online, then you will have to buy insurance leads. Read this article on our recommendations for online insurance lead providers.

After you get your feet wet selling insurance online from leads you purchased, now you can start focusing on generating your own insurance leads.

Get yourself a good quality lead generation website. A lead generation website is one that is totally geared toward getting someone to give up their contact information.

Direct traffic to your website using pay per click advertising to get immediate results so you can start selling insurance online. Go to Google Adwords and get your pay per click account set up. Direct traffic to your site using keyword selections. Try focusing on local traffic. It's often easier to generate leads and close them when you reveal yourself as a local insurance provider.

But you should focus on creating content and a blog to attract free natural traffic to your site . This is the best traffic because it can be highly qualified and it doesn't cost you very much. All you are paying for is time creating content, and a small webhosting fee.

You can also get free traffic by making sure you are listed on the Google Local Business center. This way when people are searching locally your listing pops up, and you will get free traffic this way.

Offline To Online: How To Sell Insurance Online Using Offline Techniques...

Target a specific niche and send a direct mail postcard or letter which points them to your website for a special report, guide, video, or free quote, or all of the above. This will require a little time and investment but when you combine it with your online insurance marketing methods you will might get a good response rate.

Another offline strategy is to use radio, billboards, display advertisements, and other offline marketing media to direct prospects to your website.

If you do incorporate these marketing methods to sell insurance online I suggest using a toll free number as a secondary option for people to contact them. Try using it as a recorded message system.

The bottom line is this: Selling insurance online requires a sound marketing system that includes consistent follow up, even on old dead leads. This article covers exactly how to accomplish this in detail. Read it right now.

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