How To Use Recorded Messages In Your Marketing To Generate Insurance Leads And Referrals!

Using 24 hour recorded messages in your marketing is a

proven way to increase response to your marketing. It is also a very underrated strategy as well.

24 hour recordings have primarily been used to drive people to pick up their phone and call a toll free number. They either listen to a short 'thank you' greeting and asked to leave their mailing information, or they are asked to leave their name and address only after listening to a marketing message. Both methods are effective when composed and implemented properly.

The problem with these techniques is that they are not utilized properly. Many novice marketers make these...

3 Common Free Recorded Message Mistakes:

1) Sticking with one recording, and not tweaking it for maximum response rates. Test a recorded message versus simply asking for your prospects name and address. Which one gets the best response, and which one produces the best quality leads?

2) Using one 24 hour free recorded message. If you are smart, you have a pre-written script before you record your message. If you are even smarter, you'll have two or three ready to test against each other. 5 is even better. One is 30 seconds, another might be 60 seconds, etc. etc.

3) Statistics. If you use a good recorded message company, they will have very important statistics for you to look at. One of the most important stats shows you where your prospects are dropping off (hanging up). If your drop off rate is high, you need to test another recording, or change the inflection in your voice to keep them interested...or both. Don't use a cheap voicemail company to save money, because you might be missing out on getting the big fish.

Here are 6Ways To Use Free Recorded Messages In Your Marketing To Generate A Constant Stream Of New Leads

1) As a secondary reason to respond. Most advertisements have a call to action.

Usually the call to action for agents and planners (or any service related business) is to call their office to schedule an appointment. Most people don't want to speak to a salesperson. They want to be sure they are not pressured, and make a good decision. In addition to this call to action, include a free recorded message alternative for those people. This way you capture as many new leads as possible, and build your mailing list. Some people who call will even call to schedule an appointment right after hearing your message instead of leaving their contact information (if you do it right).

2) As a primary reason to respond. You can gear your advertising around one lead generation system, and that is to create an advertisement, and use the voicemail recordings as your only means for your prospect to get the information they want from you.

3) Filter. Use a long recorded message to filter out all of the unqualified leads, and keep the qualified ones. You must do a good job on your recording, test, and tweak. But this could be a very lucrative way to get prospects in the door.

4) Hotline. Most marketers are offering a free report as their primary lead generator. But what most marketers are not doing is using the recording as the special report. For example, a typical call to action is: Call 1-888-888-8888 anytime 24 hours a day to get your free report. An alternative would be: 10 Ways To Name Of Benefit: Call 1-888-888-8888 anytime 24 hours for a free recorded message. (See #4 above).

5) Put your recorded message line on your website. If you have a website, be sure you are maximizing your lead generation efforts. In addition to your free mini course that you are offering (and or a free report), put your 24 hour hotline number on their too!

6) Generate Referrals. I love this idea...See the following video for a tip from a real estate agent and tweak it for your own marketing:

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