How To Work Live Transfer Insurance Leads!

Are live transfer insurance leads worth your time and money?

Yes, if you are prepared. Insurance live transfers are not the same as the good old direct mail generated leads. And they are different from real time insurance leads as well.

Live transfer insurance leads are leads that are generated either online with follow up from a telemarketer. Or, they are generated cold on the phone. Either way they are transferred to you 'live'.

The best live transfers are where the prospect fills out a form online, and is called to verify their interest, and then it's transferred to you.

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The best way to prepare for insurance live transfer leads is to find out exactly how an insurance leads company generates their insurance live transfers. If you can get a copy of their script or something close, this will help you as well.

Also, find out who is making your calls if you can. This may be difficult. But at the very least find out what style the telemarketers have on the phone so that you don't stray from the flow of the call. For example, if the telemarketer has a quick pitch and qualifies your prospect, and you have a real slow southern drawl, it may conflict with the flow and make your prospect uncomfortable.

Or, if your live transfer insurance lead was generated by a more laid back telemarketer with nice demeanor and you are a fast talker from the Bronx, you may have some ground to recover.

Another problem might be that your prospect it interested in the lowest price insurance policy, and that is what drove the main conversation on the phone. So if your insurance live transfer is looking for a low price and you are trying to close them on a high prices policy with all kinds of bells and whistles, then you will have another problem to recover.

If you insurance live transfer leads are generated online with telemarketing follow up, these details are not quite as important. But it will still help to get a few details ironed out before you start working them. Just find out what is being said on the phone, and you should be all set.

By the way, the top insurance lead generation companies report that most people are looking for a low priced insurance program, so keep that in mind as you are working your leads. If you find this to the contrary, please let us know.

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These are very detailed nitty gritty instructions. They are best used for companies that generate telemarketed live transfer leads. If you get live leads from a company that originates the lead online, then you have much less to worry about.

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