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The Little Known Truth About Real Time Insurance Leads Revealed!

Did you know that real time leads are being used by large insurance companies? Some of these companies are buying real time insurance leads for their agents, many are offering them at a discount.

The fact is, internet leads are fast becoming a major source of leads for their agents because they actually work. But you have to know a few simple tips and tricks so that you stay in the 'real time' game...

Real time leads tip: According to industry insiders, consumers who are looking for insurance online want fast gratification and low prices. Agents who are slow to react and/or show expensive 'Cadillac' insurance programs will suffer a low closing rate.

Real time insurance leads require a slightly above average closing skill set, and fast action.

However, don't let this scare you from buying real time leads. As long as you are a decent sales person, and can show quality insurance programs for a low and/or affordable price, you can build your insurance client base quite quickly.

Tips On Buying Real Time Internet Leads and How To Close Them!

As you work with insurance lead generation companies that supply real time leads, you'll find that you will be competing with other agents. Sometimes up to eight. However, it is common to find that you are only competing with two to four agents on any given lead.

Real time insurance lead generation companies should disclose that they 'share' their leads with other agents. You can find exclusive lead generation companies, but you are going to pay more.

If you are dropping $200-$500 per week on real time leads, ask lots of questions until you are satisfied.

Also, keep in mind that the larger the commission products like life insurance will probably have more competition. So be prepared with your best sales weapons.

Health insurance leads and long term care leads may have fewer competitors since they are lower commission products, have a longer sales cycle, and can be a harder sell in some cases.

Tip: Ask your real time leads representative how many agents you are competing with in your area. You might even be able to get more details on these agents if you build rapport with your representative.

The average price for real time insurance leads is around $10. You may be able to find them for $8, but you may have more agents to compete with.

Keep in mind that over time, you will get bad real time insurance leads. So be sure you find out about the insurance lead companies return for credit on bad leads and what you need to do to get it. If you have to jump through hoops forget it.

You can also expect to get about four or five bad quality leads for every fifteen or twenty. So be prepared to ask for credit on lead on a weekly basis.

Closing Ratios...

Closing ratios are across the board on real time leads. If you are closing two out of every ten leads, you are doing well. One out of ten isn't bad either. But, like all good sales people, tweak your sales pitch until you find the perfect fit.

Tip: You can turn your realtime leads on and off at anytime, so only turn it on when you are sitting at your computer or blackberry, ready to jump on any give lead. Do not leave it on unless you find there is a tremendous lag time. But only leave for a short while.

Also, call your leads instantly. Don't wait. They might get up and leave right after they submit their contact information, and when they come back their might be 4 or 5 agents calling and emailing them, and you're trying to move up to the front of the line.

If you find that you are a poor closer, you will not do well with real time insurance leads. So get better fast. But if you are a pretty good closer you will do well.

Following up and working with real time leads takes about a week to get used to. It's not like buying direct mail leads. But like many agents, you might find it to your liking.

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