Health Insurance Marketing and Lead Generation Secrets

Health insurance marketing is not as difficult as one may imagine. People need it and want it for their families. There is lots of competition out there. But that doesn't mean you can't thrive.

Here are some health insurance lead generation and marketing tips that will boost your health insurance sales...

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Cold Calling: If you've read my articles then you know that I am not a big fan of cold calling. Especially as a health insurance marketing plan. Cold calling can be a colossal waist of time and energy. But if you have a solid script and a good cold calling plan (check your area for specific laws regarding telemarketing or cold calling), you can do well.

But, cold calling can be used in your health insurance marketing plan if you don't have any money to invest in effective marketing, lead generation, or even buying health insurance leads

If you absolutely have zero money to invest in marketing or buying health leads (buy leads to supplement your marketing efforts. Do not rely on them), then your only channel is to pick up the phone and start dialing for dollars.

But if have money to spend in pre-approach health insurance marketing letters (to businesses), and you write your health insurance letters well, the gut-wrenching cold calls can turn into warm calls and your career will be much more fun and profitable.

Best Health Insurance Marketing Ideas Part 1:

Health Insurance Marketing = Health Insurance Lead Generation:

Health insurance marketing should be focused upon getting a prospective client interested in hearing from you or even seeing you. In other words, your marketing should largely be focused on a health lead generation program. Not a branding or 'awareness' health insurance marketing endeavor. This will only put you in the poor house.

Health Insurance Lead Generation Tip: Market to businesses or business owners. Small business owners especially want and need health insurance. And many want to provide it for their employees. Here is more on group health insurance leads and marketing.

Hiring Telemarketers: Hire a telemarketer to cold call or follow up on your prospecting letters. Or, do the calling yourself (if you are on a budget). If you are paying a telemarketer, pay well. Maybe $15 per hour plus bonuses for appointments, and more bonuses for a sale. I once was paying $25 per hour for a good telemarketer, and she was worth every penny.

For individual health insurance marketing, test inserts, trade journal ads, billboard advertising, yellow pages advertising (a very good source of leads), and even newspaper ads (probably for individual health insurance).

Biggest ROI?

The least understood and perhaps one that can provide the biggest return on your investment dollar for dollar, is marketing health insurance on the internet. You can easily set up a lead generation website, set up a Google Adwords account, and target the areas you want, right down to the zip code (for pay per click advertising).

Important: Study up on Google Adwords or hire an Adwords expert. It can be complicated, and if you don't know what you are doing it can be costly.

Plus, you can set up your Google local account (free), and generate business that way as well (it will be slow to produce, but all the little things you do will build up to consistent health insurance leads).

Easiest Method To Get Started With...

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Since writing a sales letter can be time consuming (but you should do it in your spare time), get a flyer printed up and either:

  • Pound the pavement and hand the flyers out to business owners in addition to giving them a canned unique selling proposition (USP).

  • Mail it to business owners and follow up on the phone (check you area for telemarketing laws on this), or show up in person.

This is a grass roots health insurance marketing method, but it will produce some results if you have a solid plan of attach and USP.

What To Send or Hand Out?

Make sure your health insurance flyer has a headline that touts your biggest benefit, and have a bullet point list that hits all the hot buttons that business owners and his or her employees are interested in. Or, target the business owner and write the flyer based upon individual health insurance. Put a little advertisement stating that you also specialize in businesses and group health insurance.

Health Insurance Marketing Flyer Example:

Health Insurance For As Low As XX.XX Per Month!

If you want affordable health insurance without breaking the bank, I can help you save a tremendous amount of time and money.

My name is Mike Smith and I'll can help you find the right health plan to fit your lifestyle, family needs, and budget.

Here's A Short List Of What I Can Do For You:

  • Bullet

  • Bullet

  • Bullet

  • Bullet

3 Ways To Get A Free No Obligation Quote On Your Individual Or Business Health Insurance Plan:
  1. Call Mike Smith Directly: 555-555-5555 (Monday - Friday 8am-4:30pm).

  2. Go To My Website and Get a Free Quote Online:

  3. Text Me: Health 555555

24-Hour Consumer Awareness Hotline:

5 Reasons You Should Have A Health Insurance Savings Account (HSA): 888-888-8888.

This flyer needs to be tweaked a little bit and formatted. So don't rush out and copy it.

Also, like I said, this is a grass roots health insurance marketing system and it will product results. But don't use it as your only method of generating new business. Buy leads to supplement your program, and then put together a client marketing system that is totally geared toward selling them more products and generating referrals.

There is a right way and wrong way to do this. The wrong way is to send a brand new client an offer to buy life insurance. The right way is to send interesting information to your clients (hint: a newsletter), and then follow up with an offer or follow up with a seminar or teleseminar.

The whole idea here is to use effective health insurance marketing to build your list and nurture it...

While other agents are quickly trying to find as many new clients as they can and forgetting about them after the sale, you are getting clients, building a relationship, and selling more products and getting more referrals than any agent or planner has ever dreamed of.

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