Health Insurance Sales Tips and Techniques Revealed...

Health insurance sales can be difficult for the average or new agent...

The main reason for this difficulty is because getting or generating qualified health insurance leads is a problem...

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Health insurance sales is made easier when you step into your prospects shoes; It is a form of protection that is on everyone's mind, there are thousands of plans, hundreds of companies, and affordable health insurance for the middle class is hard to get if at all... But it is still in great demand. So selling heath insurance should be easy, or so you would think.

Perhaps not, though the demand for it from the individual consumer is greater than ever before, but so is the competition.

But there is always a market for health insurance sales agents, and you have to tailor your health insurance marketing and sales material to get them to come to you. Here's how...

Because the consumer very often recognizes this form of financial protection is necessary and because more and more individuals are in the position of having to provide their own health insurance, the focus of the sales person is evolving toward providing better service for the prospect and protecting their interests as opposed to convincing them that they need health insurance. If the customer believes that by insuring with you, they will save and money receive better service from someone who fully understands their policy and options, and has their best interests in mind, you win and they win.

Health Insurance Sales And Selling the Service

The health care crisis and the fact that companies may not provide health care insurance for employees has created the need. Many health insurance companies offer the means to fill that need, so how do you sell health insurance and stand out from the competition?

You offer the customer knowledge that is specific to their own health care situation about how to buy necessary health insurance and how to avoid over or under-insuring their health care.

That means having a clear understanding of what they really need, and which extras may cost them but deliver no benefit. It also does not hurt your health insuranc sales if you can demonstrate your knowledge and advocacy for the customer at some point in your presentation.

This health insurance sales technique might seem like a negative approach when viewed from the traditional standpoint of "sell all you can", but it is not when viewed in terms of the wide field of competition and making your service and your company of value to the prospect.

Knowledge and Data Equate to Health Insurance Sales Success - Just Show Them

This health insurance sales tip focuses upon a single facet of a health insurance sales presentation that can help you establish credibility with a prospective customer and decrease any sales resistance. This tip is modifiable to almost any aspect of the health insurance policy.

An example might be a prospect to which you are delivering your pitch and information. They have given you a good idea of their situation and health status.

You know you have a healthy person on no regular medications interested in a standard (insert your company name) policy. However, they are concerned about prescription expenses as well or they want a very small deductible but have no history of illnesses, or want to know if the doctor visits can be covered when they see the doctor 4 times a year.

Traditional health insurance sales methods might say, offer them the prescription plan, the tiny deductible, or the doctor benefits. However, you are a modern sales person and instead you stop and figure out...

  • How much does this person spends for prescriptions, hospitalizations, or doctor visits a year out of their own pocket?
  • How much does the prescription plan/other benefit/or very small deductible they are asking about cost per year? Will they be saving?

Explain this to the prospective customer, whichever way it turns out and with a healthy person it rarely turns out in favor of selling them unneeded the extras. Show them the math, and leave the decision to them, and you'll see your health insurance sales increase.

No matter what they decide, your status has changed and you are now less of a sales person and more of an advocate for their best interests.

In most health insurance sales presentations, there will be an opportunity to use this method or you may actually place an example of this type in your presentation (caution - some prospective customers might actually benefit from one of the example services so use with care).

It Is a Give And Take Situation When Selling Health Insurance

This is a specific example but can apply to almost any request from a prospect that might not be completely necessary in their specific circumstances. Prove it is not, show them what they actually need and can use, and you generate a sale. You also have also gained credibility with the prospect, and will find less resistance after using this technique if you suggest modifications or additions to the standard policy that may cost more, but that are beneficial to them.

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