Selling Health Insurance Made Easier...

Selling health insurance isn't a fine art, but it can be a bit tricky.

That's why I put together a list of books that will help you achieve greater success as a life and health producer. Read all of them if you can. Implement the ideas and strategies. And as a result you'll be rewarded with more insurance clients and referrals.

Here's the list (copy and paste each title at for more info on each book)...

Life and Hea1th Insurance

Marketing Individual and Family Markets

Principles of Health and Disability Insurance Selling

151 Secrets of Insurance Direct Marketing Practices Revealed

Health insurance prospects are much easier to find once you implement the various simple, yet powerful marketing strategies big producers use to differentiate and close their sales.

This list of books will help you tremendously in your insurance sales and marketing efforts.

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Brian Maroevich
Author, Million Dollar Prospecting Letters

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