A Guide To Free Health Insurance Leads And More Insurance Selling Tips...

Free health insurance leads, the free no obligation leads are available from very few insurance lead generation companies and insurance agencies.

But there are free insurance leads available as a bonus for ordering leads from most of the top insurance lead companies, and some of the deals are very good...

It's simple. Go to a health insurance lead generation company and get free health insurance leads. For example, one of the best deals out there right now is the 15 Free Leads offer from NetQuote. InsureMe has an excellent health insurance leads offer too.

The way this works is that if you buy leads they will match you the same amount in Free health insurance leads (you can get life, annuity, long term care, and homeowners lead as well).

The Key To Success With Online Insurance Leads:

Agents and planners who are used to prospecting offline for new business will find that buying leads online is a little bit different. Generally, people who go to the trouble to fill out a form for an insurance quote are looking for:

  • Low Cost Insurance
  • Fast Action

In other words, if you are going to present your Cadillac plan to an online generated prospect you are going to have a hard time closing them.

So when you follow up on your free health insurance leads, keep in mind that you should keep your emails and phone calls friendly, to the point, and have a low cost alternative ready to show on the front end or as a back up.

For specific tips on how to follow up on online leads read this article on making money selling insurance.

Tip: Convey that you will do your best to keep premiums down while providing the most comprehensive plan, and you will get the insurance issued as fast.

Once in a while you will find a company that will give you leads. But they require that you create an account and provide a credit card number if you continue beyond the allotted leads they give you. For example, InsuranceLeads.com has a program available through select partners where you can get $100 in free insurance leads with no strings attached. It will be very hard to find a partner that offers this to agents outside their agency or customer base.

Another way to get free health insurance leads is to become licensed with an agency and write business through them. This can be a very lucrative endeavor because health insurance lead generation is very costly. If it's done correctly it's also very lucrative. So before you sign with any agency that offers free leads find out how the generate them and ask other agents how qualified the free health insurance leads really are.

If you want to sign with an agency that provides qualified hot insurance leads there is only one marketing company I can recommend (contact us for details). The leads will not be free, but they are top in the game of online and offline lead generation. So if you sign with them you'll get excellent leads through their exclusive lead generation system. But you'll have to pay a small price to use their system.

If that is not the direct you want to go these companies we recommend for insurance leads and they all have a good introductory offer which includes free health insurance leads or free life insurance leads (these companies also have long term care leads, annuity leads, auto insurance leads, final expense leads, and renters leads)...

After you get your insurance leads you should read this article on making money selling insurance online.

Good luck in your efforts!

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