Auto Insurance Leads,
A Little Known Secret...

Do you want to generate more auto insurance leads?

Auto insurance marketing: Little known tips and secrets...

Dozens of agencies in your area are trying to sell auto insurance. But few of them have the patience to create effective auto insurance marketing that generates qualified leads.

The secret to getting better insurance leads is to educate your prospect. Don't try and sell them instantly.

I don't mean you need to educate them in a classroom and bore them to death. You won't generate auto insurance leads that way.
I mean you need to educate them about what to look for in an auto insurance program, how to avoid being ripped off, and what is special about your company etc.

At the same time you are educating you need to be compelling and provocative. Don't bore your prospects with professional looking brochures that do a lot of "telling".
About 95% of the insurance marketing material out there is all about pretty pictures, beautiful glossy printed brochures, and all kinds of info about the company and why they are so great.

Most of this stuff ends up in the trash and auto insurance leads are left on the table.

In addition to putting a huge dent in your wallet, this kind of marketing is about building an image and branding. Not about getting leads. But it's great if you want to start making money with it in about 5 or 10 years.

During that time you could be using more effective advertising to generate prospects every day, close sales, and build a customer base that will send you even more business and referrals.

I digress...

If you want to generate good quality auto insurance leads, educate your prospects with an informative report, bulletin, or newsletter.

Write all of it in a compelling manner, but also reveal quality information. As a result you will be perceived as an expert which will build trust and loyalty, and you'll get more referrals and write more business.

Auto Insurance Leads: The Title

A compelling report or bulletin requires a compelling title. The title is the most important part. It's the headline that will grab the attention of your prospects. Off the top of my head, I like the title "11 Ways to Slash The High Cost Of Automobile Insurance".

Now all you have to do is write about each of the "11 Ways". Remember to be compelling.

After you generate leads from your advertising you have to put them into a system that is designed for one thing: To get them to contact you so you can make a sale. If they don't contact you, follow up on the phone.

TIP: Include a compelling advertisement in your report or bulletin. Maybe offer a FREE comparison analysis, or something similar. Give them a reason to do business with you.

Here's another quick advertising idea...

If you want to compete and generate qualified auto insurance leads, you have to give your prospects a reason to respond to your ad. Now that you have a nice title to your report or bulletin, advertise it!

Here is an example of a simple ad that you can use on your business cards, small ads, and promotional items etc. to generate auto insurance leads (if you want to make a larger ad write more ad copy, but make it compelling.):

For a FREE Report on "11 Ways to Slash
The High Cost Of Automobile Insurance"
Call Mech Insurance at 1-888-888-8888.
Author, Mitch Mech. Indianapolis, IN.

Keep all your marketing systematized with consistent follow up and you'll see a spike in your auto insurance lead generation and sales efforts.

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Brian Maroevich
Author, Amazing Prospecting Letters

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