Free Auto Leads and Secret Auto Insurance Prospecting Tips

Free auto leads are available from the top insurance leads companies online. And some of these leads are very good quality. I mean 'some'.

Don't expect every free auto insurance lead or paid lead to close right away. Some will even blow you off altogether.

You can expect to close 10-40% of you the leads you buy from the top insurance lead companies. It all depends on how good you are at follow up and working with clients on the phone. Some agents are closing at higher percentages.

Not all free auto insurance leads are the same. There are two companies that will deliver qualified real time free insurance leads. The way to get free auto insurance leads from these companies is to buy $200 worth, with AllWebLeads for example, and then they will match you $200. So you are getting $200 in free auto insurance leads.

The top two free auto insurance leads companies are:

AllWebLeads: Use this special link to get $200.00 in free auto leads.

NetQuote: Use this link to get 15 free auto insurance leads.

Both companies are very good. sign up for both and get a bunch of free auto leads and see which ones are best.

Each of these companies provide real time leads, and you'll have success with either or both companies. If you don't then you are doing something wrong...

The key to closing the free auto leads or the paid auto insurance leads is to be the first or one of the first with a well crafted email message with phone follow up.

Mistakes Made With Free Auto Leads

Some agents make the mistake of writing lengthy emails with detailed boring information, quotes, and even requests. The second mistake is where agents just don't follow up right away.

The third and most common mistake is not keeping old or dead leads in a prospecting funnel. Hey, things change and just because you don't close leads after a few follow ups doesn't mean they are dead and buried. Keep following up with helpful information. Make friend requests on Facebook,, and show them that you are the expert and provide savings and service (read this article on how to make money selling insurance).

And if they don't close the leads they write a bad review about the insurance lead company they used.

You'll close more leads if you have a follow up system in place for fresh hot leads, and old leads as well. Never give up. I've seen leads close after 56 contacts. Not just email...a combination of email, direct mail, and phone.

A Free Insurance Leads Alternative:

An alternative to getting free and paid auto insurance leads is to create your own lead generation system. Create online and offline targeted marketing systems to get a constant flow of insurance leads. You'll find that if you spend time on it and test it you'll get a good return on your money, and that's better than matched free auto leads from insurance lead companies.

But don't let that stop you from creating an account with the top to auto lead companies because paid leads and the free auto leads you'll for opening an account do close and fill your appointment book and pipeline when your other methods are not in play or not working effectively. Some agents use real time leads as their main prospecting source.

Secret Key: Quality referrals are better than free auto leads. So listen up: Send thank you notes (handwritten) to your online generated prospects AND clients. NOBODY is doing it. Agents are so consumed with technology that they forget about grass roots marketing. Handwritten notes are a thousand times more effective and personal than an electronic communication. Ask for referrals, and keep them on your newsletter. Don't jump from one new sale to another without working your current clients for more leads and referrals. But don't be blatant about it. Make them become a 'fan' of you by educating and entertaining them with at least a good insurance newsletter. Not a boring one. This is the key to building your business faster than every other agent out there.

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