Insurance Agents and Financial Planners -- Advisors: Is Direct Mail Dead?

Says anonymous agent, 'Direct Mail Surpassed By Email Marketing'....

I recently received an email from an agent who told me that since some of my material was offline orientated that he was returning it because he said that, 'Direct-mail has been surpassed by Email marketing', therefore my material must be old and outdated.

Here is why he is dead wrong about direct mail, and why focusing on Email marketing is a mistake...

Not only is direct-mail alive and well, businesses and sales people who use is correctly are making a killing.

I know this because I am involved in offline and online marketing campaigns on a daily basis.

And what my own results reveal is that direct mail creates a better bond with my prospects, customers, and clients, it can get a better response rate, and it has a better impact that Email. But email marketing has a higher return on investment (ROI). I would be a fool to rely on one or the other. It would be the equivalent of leaving money on the table.

I understand why you might want to only use Email. Everyone and their mother is getting on the internet, so maybe this is were we should focus our energy? It's easier too!

Email marketing can have a great ROI. But here's the deal: Email spam blockers, email management software, and email service providers are focused on eliminating anything with a sniff of spam.

In addition, people (your prospects) find it very easy to delete emails.

The combination of this results in a low open rate (meaning, people don't open their email). If you get a 50% open rate, you are doing well. But most email marketers get 20-40% maximum.

That means that as much as 80% of your prospects and clients are not getting 'touched' by you. And as I have said many times (and I learned this from Dan Kennedy and Bill Glaser), you lose  10% of your influence over your clients and prospects every month you do not contact them.

Many businesses are focusing on the internet and email marketing, and that is good, don't get me wrong (I spend a lot of time studying, and testing it). But it also means that people's mail boxes are not as cluttered as they used to be.

What does that tell you? You should do both. Maybe even focus more on direct mail lead generation.  Test! You or someone needs to test different campaigns.

Direct mail has more impact on a customer than Email. And while some people prefer Email, others prefer to have a piece of paper in their hand.

Here is an example of how to use both direct mail and email marketing in one marketing system (slight tongue in cheek, but still on target):

Month 1:

  1. Letter to client and/or prospect. Free Seminar.
  2. Email. Did you get my letter about my Free seminar?
  3. Email with Video. Five (Seminar Subject) tips that you will discover at my seminar.
  4. Follow up letter. Five (Seminar Subject) tips that you will discover at my seminar.
  5. Postcard. You should really come to my seminar and invite a friend.
  6. Postcard. Last chance to attend my seminar and learn lots of amazing things.
  7. Monthly Newsletter. Fun stuff including pictures and highlights of your seminar.
Month 2: Do something similar. Leverage off of the previous campaign.

OK, are you thinking...

I Don't' Want To Do A Seminar Brian!

I Can't Afford A Seminar Brian!

I Sell Property Casualty Brian!

Doesn't matter. You can still conduct a seminar or use one of these alternatives...

  • Webinar
  • Teleseminar

Let me know your thoughts on this, or if you have any questions.

Take care and have fun prospecting.

Brian Maroevich

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