Insurance List Marketing Tips and Secrets That Will Attract Insurance and Financial Planning Clients Like Pooh Bear To Honey!

An insurance list for marketing anything from home, auto, and life insurance to full blow financial plans is the most important part of your marketing campaign.

Because if your killer insurance sales letter goes to the wrong people, your marketing message will fall on 'deaf ears'. So let me help you here...

The insurance list and financial planning list marketing ideas here are money in the bank. Really. I guarantee 99.9 percent of all agents and planners are not doing one of the suggestions below. If you take a couple hours every month, or you have an assistant take a few hours a month on these insurance list ideas you'll get more leads coming into your office than you can handle.

When it comes to insurance lists, there are thousands of mailing lists to choose from. But here are two insurance lists and financial planning lists and specific marketing ideas that you can use in your marketing starting today:

Insurance List Marketing Idea #1:

New Parents and Prenatal. New parents are a super hot area to focus your efforts. I know, because three years ago my life changed dramatically with my son being born. And then two years after that my daughter was can tell by the headline of this article ;-).

Guess how many congratulations letters we received from insurance agents and financial planners? ZERO. And we live in a highly qualified area for all kinds of insurance and financial planning services.

You can easily get insurance lists in your area of these new parents on a weekly or monthly basis. Create an insurance or financial planning marketing system around it and you'll dominate your niche (just keep tweaking it and making it better).

What Do You Send New Parents or Prenatal Parents?

Sky's the limit here, but don't' send a blatant pitch that sounds like this: Now You're A Parent. What Are You Going To Do If You Die?

I know, a little harsh, but even the most professional letter marketing life insurance might turn new parents off. So instead, congratulate them with a nice letter or postcard with a few helpful tips and resources. Don't offer a thing related to your products or services. Just have your personal and business name on there, and maybe your website.

SIDE BAR: Think of your marketing as a cocktail party. You wouldn't rush up to someone you don't know and shove your business card in their face and ask them to fill out an application for life insurance, or to choose a mutual fund would you?

Insurance list marketing tips continued...

Then follow up with another letter or postcard. Or, a good alternative is to send a newsletter with a 'remember me' note. Now you can start establishing trust and credibility by offering tips and advice for caring for children. One of the tips is to start planning for the high costs of college. Provide resources that parents may not know about.

Send an offer to attend a seminar or teleseminar on college planning. This is where you can start building expert status.

College planning is THE most ignored area for insurance and financial planning in my opinion. And the best time to start planning for these sorts of things is when your children are young. It's on parents minds, trust me (key marketing angle).

Even if they don't attend, keep mailing to them until they do. Offer to send a guide to planning for college.

Make sure you establish a little fear about how much it will cost if they wait.

Why not become the 'planning for college guru' in your area now? This opportunity is real, and it's waiting for you...

Want to sell life insurance? You can send a letter or postcard that offers your services anytime. But I wouldn't hammer them with it until you've established some sort of credibility first. And in my opinion helping families plan for college is the perfect door opener, and you don't look or sound like a product pusher.

Insurance List Marketing Idea #2:

Birthday Promotions. What better time to get yourself in front of new prospects by sending them a birthday greeting! Hardly any other agents or planners or businesses are doing this. And it's so easy.

You can get a mailing list targeted to age specific birthdays:

  • Market to prospects turning 65 and sell Medicare supplements
  • Families with children just turning 1. This is a huge birthday for the families. Tie this in with my marketing idea above and you'll blow your prospects away.
  • Long Term Care: Happy birthday to individuals Turning 50.

Insurance List Marketing Idea #3:

New Neighbors. There are families and businesses moving in to your area every month, and you can a list of these 'new move in's' every month and send them a nice welcome letter, postcard, or package. Follow up with suggestions for restaurants, movie theaters, spa's, and fitness clubs.

Then follow up again with another helpful resource or gift.

As a matter of fact, why not go to a spa in your area and ask them to provide you with free services to offer your clients. A smart spa will realize that getting a new customer in their door for free is very good way to make more money. So they should be willing to provide a high perceived value spa treatment for free.

There are tons of businesses that will give you something to provide your clients. You could even buy bulk movie or theater tickets and give them out as well.

You could say, "I know that moving to a new town can zap your energy, and meeting new people can be a little difficult given your busy schedule. Let me give you a spa treatment at my favorite spa, on me! I've enclosed a gift certificate towards a name of spa treatment for you to use anytime this month. Take an hour to yourself on me, and get a facial. I love this Wonder Day Spa, and I hope you enjoy it too."

The spa idea might get a little costly but if you give these people a WOW experience you'll get them for life (plus, if you make big commissions and get referrals from new clients you can afford to do this).

More Insurance List Marketing Ideas:

Be creative. If you use the movie ticket idea, enclose a bag of microwavable pop corn as a neat little grabber. Or, maybe you can surprise them by shoveling out their driveway (if there's snow) and leave a note for them along with some hot cocoa to mix up?

By they way, you can mix and match the ideas in each insurance list marketing idea above. None of them are specific necessarily to each insurance list.

These insurance list marketing secrets work my friend. Don't let another day go by without implementing these ideas. It's fun, and you'll get enthusiastic new clients lining up out your door and referring new clients to you in droves!

Brian Maroevich
Totally Awesome Marketing Guy ;-)

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