Selling Long Term Care Insurance. Reading Recommendations...

Selling long term care insurance can be a fun and rewarding effort.

Selling long term care insurance also requires a patient and consistent selling plan. And it takes creative marketing and selling practices to get the clients rolling in.

It's an untapped market waiting for you!

Agents often think that seniors are reluctant to purchase long term care insurance. They have trouble writing the check because of the expense, and they don't believe anything will happen to them...

But the reason agents believe this is because they were not prospecting and marketing properly. Read our article on long term care insuarance lead generation: A long term care prospect can be difficult and time consuming to sell. But not if you know how to guide them into making the right decision.

Learning how to sell long term care insurance is much easier once you understand the product, the market, and the creative long term care selling ideas from top producers.

Your agency may have their own techniques that work, but it's always helpful to have the opinions and insights from other agents who are successful. Especially the top producers (copy and paste the title into the search box at

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Long-Term Care Planning

Long Term Care : Alternatives and Solutions

There's No Place Like (a Nursing) Home

How to Sell Long-Term Care Insurance

I know after you read one or two of these books on long term care insurance you'll become a top producer and help many families in the process.

Selling long term care insurance is important an important endeavor in the senior market and can also be personally and financially rewarding.

Brian Maroevich
Author, Million Dollar Prospecting Letters

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