Long Term Care Marketing Techniques

Although long term care marketing is easier to market compared to other insurance products like annuities, life insurance, and health insurance, there are two factors that will help you pre-qualify and ultimately close more of these leads:

  • Better 'Message To Market Match' (A phrase that Dan Kennedy should trademark).
  • More Follow Up.

The sales cycle for after long term care marketing campaign has generated a lead can be quite long. Seniors are not as trusting, they like to check up and compare plans on their own, and it's hard to get them to pull the trigger.

That's not say it's a hard sale. It's a long sale. Put it that way. Although it can take as little as one meeting to get a check. But it can take several years in some cases. The rest fall somewhere in the middle.

Seniors do know that long term care insurance (ltc) is something they should buy. But they want to know that they are making the right decision on an insurance policy that can be quite expensive.

One way to weed the 'fence sitters' or 'chaffe' in your long term care marketing, so that you are not spinning your wheels on prospects that may not bite for long periods of time, is to pre-qualify your long term care prospects in your advertising.

For example, if you are leading with a 'Free Information' offer and not pre qualifying, you may get lots of leads. But many of them MAY not be as qualified to buy a long term care policy.

But if you test a long term care marketing offer that qualifies your prospects at some point by saying something like...

"Most Long Term Care Plans That Cover (name the coverage) Start At XXX.XX Per Month..."

A pre-qualifying long term care insurance marketing statement like this will weed out a lot of free information junkies.

Should you go with a 'Free Information' long term care marketing offer without qualifying, or should you qualify? The answer is: Test it. Do a split test by sending half of your list one offer, and the other half another offer, and whichever one pays the most dividends is your winner.

The second area that will help you get better results in your long term care marketing is to consistently follow up. But not just on the phone. That can be a bother and is actually quite old school now.

I am not saying to avoid using the phone. Not at all. I am saying to use is sparingly in your long term care insurance marketing program. Use other mediums to follow up on a consistent basis:

  • Email
  • Print Newsletters
  • Postcards and Letters (Thank You, Anniversary, Birthday, Etc.)

Your goal is to build trust. Plus, they have to like you too. You can accomplish this by using interesting and entertaining newsletters and direct mail that also educates and positions you as the expert in your long term care insurance marketing. Sooner or later they will want what you are offering, and they will choose the guy or gal who has kept themselves in front of them, educated them, and earned their trust.

I highly recommend studying the senior demographic to find out more about what they are thinking and feeling so that you can address this in your marketing. Knowing your market is a huge benefit to producing long term care marketing campaigns that produce the best results.

Often times an insurance agent of agency will just write copy without really knowing their market, and then they wonder why they are getting results they want.

There are many experts in the field and you can find their writings on Amazon.com.

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