Five Annuity Lead Generation Tips

If you are interested in annuity lead generation, here are five annuity lead generation tips you should consider:

Your Audience: Whether you are marketing on the Internet, using direct-mail, or creating display ads, marketing to the right audience is crucial. Even the best marketing piece or sales presentation is worthless if it's presented to people who are not interested!

Do your research. Who is your target audience? What do they read? What are their fears? What are their desires? These are just some of the questions you should ask when it comes to annuity lead generation. And once you have the answer you are on your way to uncovering a hungry market.

Benefits: Although it's important to know your products thoroughly, it's equally as important to know the benefits of each feature. Agents are so focused on how an annuity works that they often lose sight of the benefits. It's what drives your annuity lead generation drive your prospect to respond to your offer or sign the application.

A good exercise is to squeeze out as many benefits you can for each feature of your annuity, and write them down. This will not only help you in your annuity lead generation efforts, but it will help you sell more annuities as well.

Do you really want to market a product?: One thing is for certain, if you're marketing a financial product like an annuity, you can expect small response rates. The reason for this is that your potential prospects have been hit with advertisement after advertisement on the advantages of owning products like annuities. As a result, your prospect is more likely to throw your marketing in the trash, or simply click delete.

An alternative to marketing annuities on the front end is to create what is called a “lead generator”. A lead generator comes in many forms, but the most common is an information product. In this case it would be a booklet, report, or something similar. Do not mistake this for a brochure. A lead generator, written properly, works more like a sophisticated sales letter.

Instead of advertising an annuity, you would advertise your lead generator. The key is to use the lead generator as a tool to capture your prospects contact information, and as a result, you build an extremely valuable list that most agents and financial advisors would crawl over broken glass to own.

Systematize: This is the biggest mistake agents and planners make in annuity lead generation, and any marketing campaign. Whether you decide to market an annuity on the front end or use a lead generator, it's important to systematize your marketing system. Studies show that it can take up to 17 contacts to make a sale. In other words, for every lead you generate, you should have a sequence of follow-ups ready to go.

Test: Another important area you should consider is testing small. Once you decide upon your market and how you want to generate leads, test a small ad or test a small number of names on a well selected list. If your response rates do not provide you with a decent return on investment, you haven't wasted a lot of money.

Secondly, you can find out where you went wrong in your marketing system and fix it. Once you have a profitable annuity marketing system put together, you can roll it out on a bigger scale.

A successful annuity lead generation program has the best chance of success when you target the right audience, uncover the benefits of your product, choose the right approach, follow-up regularly, and test small (to get the kinks out).

Annuity Lead System Part 1: Online Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors and Agents...

Here's a simple annuity lead generation marketing system that will generate annuity leads online so you can start selling more annuities.

First, go to Google's keyword tool. Then, type into the keyword tool different keyword ideas related to 'annuity'.

For example, start with 'annuity'. Here's a few keywords that show up...

annuity leads search

As you can see there are quite a few searches on a local level. You can also see the column for Global searches if you are a Global marketer. But I want to focus on a local annuity lead system.

Annuity Lead Generation System Part 2:

What you want to do is build your list of keywords and use them in your pay per click (ppc) campaign so that you get instant traffic to your annuity lead generation site (more important information on this in a moment).

Secondly, you want to use your keyword list for article writing. Write articles around each keyword phrase and post them to your website so that you can get free traffic. Free traffic is what everyone wants because it's the best traffic and you cost per lead will be low. It's a smart decision for a good long term annuity lead system. This will take a bit longer, but it's very important.

For example, one article will be about 'variable annuities', another article will be about 'fixed annuities'.

Annuity Lead Generation System Part 3:

As you build your annuity lead system, don't stop there. Search for other phrases that people might be searching for and create a PPC campaign around those keywords as well. For example, try searching for 'annuity information', or 'annuity guide'. Keep digging around because there are lots of keyword phrases to be found, and the harder you search the more likely your competition isn't and therefore you'll find keywords that will have less competition on a PPC basis AND on an organic search basis (competing for the free search engine listings).

Annuity Lead Generation System Part 4:

Now that we have the basic keyword research done for your annuity lead system and you are setting up your PPC campaigns, lets look at the power of local search traffic. If you type in Google's search engine 'annuity name of town', 'annuity name of city', 'annuity name of county', 'annuity name of area', make sure your office is located on the local search results...

annuity lead generation Annuity Lead Generation System Part 5:

Prime Real estate

The local search results are prime real estate on Google's search engine and it's FREE! Use it to your advantage because nobody else is...or very few.

If you do not show up or you don't have up to date information or a website URL instead of where it says, you need to go to Googles local business center and update your information. And while you are there, load it with content, pictures, and even video so that you get the top listings on the local search results.

Use the Google local business center to optimize your site for the major products and services you offer so that you show up (not just annuities).

Now that you have updated your local listings you will get free qualified traffic to your website.

Annuity Lead System Part 6:

In addition to your local search listings, if you do not show up on the free organic search results (at least the top 2 or 3), then your site is not optimized for local traffic at all and you need to either have your webmaster do it (or fire them for not doing it), or do it yourself...

You do this simply by optimizing your site (specific pages) around the local search phrases: 'annuity name of town', 'annuity name of city', annuity 'name of county', annuity 'name of area'. And putting them in your Meta Tags, and throughout your website.

OK. Now you are really cooking and you should start getting really good quality traffic in a few months (Google takes time to make sure your site is 'Google' friendly), and you haven't spent a dime yet!

Annuity Lead System Part 7:

Back to your pay per click. The best part of Googles Adwords program is that you can target your keyword phrases above on a Geographic basis. You can actually tell Google that you want only people in certain zip codes, Counties, States, or simply within a 5, 10, 40, or 100 mile radius (or more) of your office, to see your ads!!! It's awesome.

Now you have done more to dominate the local listings than anyone else. The only thing left to do is:

  • Make Sure You Have A Killer Lead Generation Website: all the traffic in the world is useless if you're not generating leads.
  • Create Videos: create a video or videos around your main keywords and put them on You might get a video to show up on the local search listings which will further give you an unfair advantage.

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