CD Owners, Lists, and Lead Generation!

Cd owners can be excellent prospects for annuities and life insurance. After all, they did invest their money in a CD, so they have money. Secondly, they want their money to grow. But you and I know that annuities are excellent vehicles in these hard times (2010). Annuities continue to grow tax deferred at decent interest rates, while CD's are not even keeping up with inflation.

How To Target Owners Of Bank CD's!

Direct Mail: You can buy a list of cd owners and then send them a postcard and/or sales letter. I recommend using direct mail as a lead generation tool where you will offer to send your prospect something for free (something of value), and related to what you are selling. For example a report called, "10 Ways To Beat CD Interest Rates!" Or something like that.

Online: You can use Google Adwords to get instant traffic to your lead generation website. And you can also get natural search engine rankings by writing articles and getting links back to you site. This is more of a long term strategy that you should outsource. Google Adwords and other pay per click search engines are the easiest way to start generating leads. And if you do it right, it can be a very effective tool.

But before you send owners of CD's them to any old website be sure you have tested it to the point where it converts at a favorable rate. Then send your direct mail piece to them.

Watch this video on a Annuity Lead System:

How To Write Ad Copy!

Once you've decided how to reach CD owners, it's time to write your advertising piece.

Find the weaknesses of the CD's, drive home these weaknesses in your marketing and then offer a solution. Your solution should be to get a free report, guide, audio, video, or listen in on a webinar or a seminar.

Unique Way To Write Ad Copy For Your CD Lead Generation!

This is a technique that you can use to write effective ad copy, get free publicity, and generate leads.

Do a survey and ask CD owners and non CD owners if they are happy with their bank CD's. Find out what they like and dislike, and if they would like to put that money somewhere else. And if so why or why not.

Then, you can review the results and write a press release describing the unique findings from them. This can get you free publicity.

Who do you get to take your survey? Your clients. If you don't have any clients then you can create a website that has a survey page...

Direct paid traffic to this survey. After they complete the survey re-direct them to your lead generation 'Thank You' page. This way you can get valuable survey information and generate a lead generation funnel for your survey participants.

I have a lot more ideas even better than this, so if this interests you let me know and I'll write about them or create a video. Hope this helps you in your marketing and insurance lead generation.

Direct Mail Lists: I found this company, but you should do you own research and due diligence.

Google Adwords: The fastest and easiest way to get bank cd owners to come to your website.

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