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and Internet insurance leads successfully on your own. You can succeed at generating leads locally and nationally on the internet. Even internationally.

The Secret

The number one secret to generating internet leads (I call it a secret because most of the top ranked life insurance companies on the search engines are not using this secret), is to create a content site. There are other ways to generate internet life insurance leads, but if you really want to get a steady flow of internet insurance leads, you should focus on a content site.

The Second Secret

The second secret is to create a site that is rich with 'keywords'. Let me explain the basics of what a content site is first, and then I'll get into the basics of keywords after that. A content site is a site that contains articles and information that relates to the topic you are discussing. So in other words, to generate internet life insurance leads you have to create a site about life insurance. Not a site about how to get life insurance from you. This is what almost all the top ranked sites are doing (more on this in a moment). You want to educate your internet life insurance lead (or your internet prospect who enters you site.)

The Main Reason People Use The Internet

internet life insurance leads The main reason people look to the internet is to get information about the subject they are interested in. They are not always interested in buying something instantly on the internet. Especially insurance. The internet began as a research tool, and people are using it in this manner more than ever. Imagine your prospect looking up information on insurance. Who's site are they going to visit. The agent who has all kinds of products for sale, or the agent who has various bits of information on what insurance is, why people buy it, planning strategies, and links to other related information? So if you can educate your internet prospect about life insurance, you will turn that prospect into a hot internet life insurance lead and they'll eventually buy from you.

The more relevant content you can provide, the higher you'll rank in the search engines. You have to structure your site properly as well. I will provide a few bits of information on this subject in this article, but there is a lot more you need to do in order to get all the pieces right (more on this in a moment as well). There are complete internet systems and manuals on this subject alone.

A website that is not structured properly will get a lousy score by the search engines and you won't get any internet life insurance leads. So basically a content site is just that. A web site that contains valuable, useful content your Internet prospect is looking for. Your content also must be 'keyword rich.' In other words, you want to put in the exact keywords into your website content that your prospect is punching into their web browser. But you have to do it in a way that search engines don't penalize you for what's called "keyword spamming." A safe way to accomplish this is to write your information and insert the keyword(s) into it a little more often than you would if you were writing the article without the exact keyword(s).

What keywords do you go after?
You can do research on the keywords with this software:

and/or Just sign up for the free trial version of WordTracker and type in the keywords you think your prospects are typing in and you'll see different versions and alternatives. You are going to type in "life insurance" right? The first thing you'll see is that it's searched about 4,000 times a day (at the time of this article). That's a lot of searches, and a lot of potential internet life insurance leads. There's also a lot of competition for these keywords. So the good news is that there are a lot of people looking for life insurance information. The bad news is it will take time to rank high in the search engines. But it won't take as long as you think. You may even want to dig down deeper in the niche and build a content site on term insurance or universal life insurance... OK, I'm getting ahead of myself. There's a bit you should learn before you dive in, but if you want a great resources see the links at the bottom of this article. Let's keep it simple for now...

Internet Life Insurance Leads...The Good News

The good news is that if you build a content site you will eventually rank higher and higher in the search engines and you might even stay there. You might take over the life insurance niche if you keep building it, and as a result you'll be flooded with internet life insurance leads. Most of the companies that rank high sell
products and do very little educating. So why do they rank high? Because there are not a lot of content sites about life insurance. This is an opportunity for you to knock them from the top because the search engines are looking for content. Right now they don't have a whole lot to choose from so even the lousy sites are getting internet life insurance leads. What if you just want local internet life insurance leads? Why should you bother building a content site if you're going to get a bunch of internet life insurance leads nationally that you can't use?

Several reasons...
  • You will build more credibility locally with a content site and you can use it in your advertising.
  • If you build it right and you get traffic you can sell advertising space.
  • You can join affiliate programs that will pay you a commission for referring people to their site and/or buy their products (HINT:link to products related to insurance and financial planning.
  • And you can sell leads to agents or lead companies outside of your area.

WAIT! Whoa, I'm getting ahead of myself AGAIN. I don't have time to delve into all of those extremely profitable realms in this article. So let me get back to the keyword business. Like I said, the keywords "life insurance" has a lot of competition. So here's how you begin to compete: Build your home page based upon the keywords "life insurance". Now, see all the other keywords on WordTracker? Term life insurance, universal life insurance, whole life insurance, etc.? Well, write articles about those products and soon you'll get internet life insurance leads.

Write A Few Articles Every Month...

Write articles on every subject you know of related to life insurance. These articles should also have keywords that are being searched for on the search engine (use WordTracker again). For example, look up "annuities." I bet there's lot's of search engine power in that topic. In other words dig down and find article subjects related to life insurance that has less competition. As a result you get internet life insurance leads from these articles (or sub articles), and the more traffic you get from these sub articles, the better the search engines will rank you for "life insurance". And that means more internet life insurance leads.

I know it sounds sort of complicated. And it can be. But there are tools that make it very simple. In this article I've discussed two of the more important aspects of a successful website. But a teaching someone about building a successful website is a lot like teaching someone about basketball. I can't teach you about basketball if I only describe the two most important positions: Pointgaurd and the forward. I would have to describe all the positions, strategy, and other variables. Same with your website that will generate internet life insurance leads. You need to have and perform each part the right way or you won't get as many internet life insurance leads.

Sounds Like A Lot Of Stuff?

It may sound like a lot, but the time spent on it will be worth it. You'll learn a lot and you'll be ahead of all the agents out there. If you don't have time, hire someone to do it for you. Maybe a part-timer. But be sure they follow all the rules of building a successful content site that ranks well in the search engines and you'll be rewarded with internet life insurance leads. I have spent several thousand dollars on tools because the more you learn, the more you think you need to learn and you end up buying all kinds of stuff. BUT, I finally found a software program that eliminates all this hard work and makes it all much much easier. It does all the complicated stuff for you from building your pages to forcing you to make them search engine friendly. All you have to do is write and follow the system. No programming.

Its best feature might be the keyword research tool. It's similar to WordTracker but much better because it does everything WordTrackers free trial and more. But its best feature is it shows you the actual profitability of each keyword. If you want to generate Internet life insurance leads, Solo Build It! is the answer. I didn't intend for this to be an ad or anything. But I can't hide my enthusiasm. Solo Build It! is awesome. I build this site using it. I wish I new about it 4 years ago. I would have saved about $9,000!

Brian Maroevich
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