An Insurance Sales Letter Marketing System...

An insurance sales letter or insurance marketing letter can be very effective lead generation tool.

In my experience working with agents and planners is that most of them who have 'tried' using an insurance marketing letter to generate new clients have had bad experiences.

Once I examine the process they followed the reason they had a bad experience using an insurance letter is pretty clear.

So lets examine the basic steps one should take when creating an insurance sales letter for lead generation.

Step 1: List Research. The first step is to find a good list. This is very important because even a fantastic insurance sales letter will bomb if it's sent to a bad list.

Step 2: Envelope. Make sure you use an envelope that will not get thrown in the trash. You want people to open the envelope to read your insurance sales letter. So if you have an envelope that looks like junk mail, or has an insurance company logo or company name in the return address it will get tossed, and nobody will read your insurance sales letter.

If you do use your insurance company name and/or logo, I suggest testing teaser copy on the envelope. Teaser copy is just like a headline (which will be the first thing people read when they open your insurance sales letter, right?)

Step 3: The Letter. Write a compelling marketing letter that will get people motivated to take action. By 'action' they will do one the following things:

  1. Call you for an appointment of quote
  2. Mail in a return reply card for more information
  3. Go to your website and sign up fore or download a report, video, audio are all of the above.
  4. Call a 24-hour voicemail to leave their name and address for more information and/or to get your free report, video, audio etc.
  • Make sure your letter has some sort of expiration date to drive response.
  • Make sure you provide testimonials and other things that establish credibility like belonging to the BBB, Chamber, 5 Star Review, Etc. Etc. Load it with as much trust generating devices as you can.

Step 4: Send two or three letters, even 4 letters to finish the sequence leading up to the expiration date (deadline). Sequencing is proven to work in all kinds of industries. The second, third, and fourth letters should each refer to the last letter and the impending deadline.

Step 5: Split test. Send half of your list a letter with a different headline or grabber. This way you will know which performs best, and you can further test from there to get the best possible responses.

Step 6: Test small. Don't go out and buy a list of 20,000 names and then start mailing. Test small, and then roll something out larger each time if each subsequent mailing is better than the first.

All of these steps are not set in stone, and you can break the rules here and there if you have a pretty good grasp in what you are doing. But they are a good rule of thumb and will keep you fairly grounded in the process of insurance lead generation.

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