What Is An Insurance Marketing Information System?

An insurance marketing information system is a method of marketing through which one

analyzes data (consumer and client behavior, demographics, etc.) and then incorporates a marketing system that is tuned into and developed around this data. The results guide the direction of the insurance agency's marketing campaign.

But that's not all. Let me delve into the 'nuts and bolts' of one area of an insurance marketing system. This insurance marketing information system is a system that markets information on the front end in order to generate insurance leads and financial planning prospects (an insurance marketing information system can be modeled with even more effectiveness for financial advisors and planners).

Developing this insurance marketing information system can be a remarkably effective long term strategy. A strategy that can put more clients on the books in one month than many agents hope to get in a year. And by long term I mean a low of 3-6 months to get things rolling, and 12 months to reap consistent, often breakthrough results.

An insurance marketing information system can be as simple as offering a guide on how to save money on insurance (as an example. See other ideas below for potentially better subjects). This guide is your 'bait', or a 'lead generator'.

For example you can offer this guide via direct mail marketing (postcards), sales letters, newsletters, hand outs, and on the web.

Once you generate a lead using the 'guide' as your lead generator in your insurance marketing information system, you must continue to mail to this prospect relentlessly until they become a client (and then you put them into a whole other insurance marketing information system) or until they ask you to stop.

What should you mail? Mail the 'guide' once or twice more. Then follow up with...


A Newsletter (preferred method)

Sales letters


Endorsement (of another professional you are happy with)

Online: E-mail/Ezine (opt in)

Sky's the limit. Just be sure you are offering good information and mix in your offer (there are several marketers out there that teach agents and planners an insurance marketing information system which does a good job of teaching you how to create effective ads and offer Free reports. But the actual reports they are suggesting you use are of little value to the consumer. You must offer good content as well incorporating in an effective offer).

For example, after you complete a multi step system which was geared around the original 'guide' your prospect responded to in your insurance marketing campaign, put them into another marketing funnel (assuming they have not responded yet); one week send a newsletter, then follow up with another guide, and then follow up with an offer. Or keep them in your newsletter system (my favorite method). In other words you should have several mini insurance marketing information systems in place. Test it!

SIDE BAR: Avoid the

biggest marketing sin of all time...

Don't Be BORING!

Make your information and your offers compelling. Nothing is more boring than writing perfect English, using big words, and putting people to sleep (not to mention you sound condescending). This is key.

Here are some 'guide' ideas (or newsletter subjects!) for you to consider...

Estate Planning

Financial Planning

College Planning

Business Planning

Employee benefits

Debt Reduction

Etc., etc.

A guide of this sort will establish in the minds of your prospects that you are an expert. Your prospect will think of you first when it's time to get insurance or create that financial plan they've been putting off for twenty years (assuming you don't stop your insurance information marketing system).

Imagine the power of having a guide written on all the subjects above and offering them as lead generators in your insurance marketing information system.

You can give them to your clients, offer them as lead generators, ask for referrals (ask you clients who they know would be interested in your 'guide'), and then put all of your new prospects and clients into a newsletter marketing system.

Imagine the WOW effect you'll create in your market as you continue with this kind of marketing.

As time progresses you'll see the clients trickle in. But as the months go by you'll see a constant stream of new clients, leads, and referrals pile into your agency.

All you have to do is create an insurance marketing information system and stick to it.

While all the other agents and planners are cold calling and hustling to save people money on their insurance, you will be farming your market and making prospecting easy. The fertilizer and water for your cash crop will be your insurance information marketing system: Guides, newsletters, direct mail, seminars, and a direct response web site

No insurance agent of financial planning is using an insurance marketing information system effectively. It's an opportunity that is just begging for a smart financial services professional to implement. You must might take over your market.

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